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learn reasons why should css 3

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn Css
Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is an important way to
control how your Web pages look. CSS can control the
fonts, text, colors, backgrounds, margins, and layout.
But it can be very difficult to learn CSS, and some people
would rather not learn it. Some people also do skip it
because it is not a main programming language.
There are some very good reasons to learn CSS so that you
can control your Web pages look, below are 3 of them.

1. Modify your site designs to look how you want them to look and UNIQUE!

It's easy to take a free Web template or theme and build a
website. But these templates can be very plain or common.
So your website will look like every other site on the
internet (as we are experiencing it among the Wordpress
By learning CSS you can modify pre-built templates so that
they have your colors and styles. Thus you'll have a
customized website without a lot of effort.

2. It help save money

There are a lot of Web designers who will build your
website or your CSS for you. But paying someone else to
maintain your website or blog can get expensive, even if
you only have them create the designs and you then
maintain the content. Knowing how to modify the CSS will
save you money when you find small problems (like
changing link color, background of a section and so on)
that you can fix yourself. And as you practice, you'll be able
to fix bigger and bigger problems.

3. You earn more money as a WebDeveloper

Once you know CSS really well, you can sell these services
to other websites. And if you're looking to become a
freelance Web designer, you won't get far if you don't know
As we all know that the front-end of the website you build
is the first thing people see, a Web Developer with low or
no CSS knowledge will hardly get a job.
CSS is not a core programming language, we all know that,
but it is worthy of learning!
Thanks for this wonderful tip..
Do you want to purchase credits? Click here!
Nice. Keep It Up

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