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to blog keep failing is 4 motivated things

4 Things To Keep You Motivated When Your Blog Is Failing
I decided to write this to encourage all the discouraged bloggers out there. Don't give up till you get to the top.
I know it's possible that you no longer think of blogging the way you used to when you started.
Instead, you now believe that blogging is a bed of thorns and you want to quit blogging.

I've got some questions for you though?
My questions:
1. What's making you think so miserably ?
2. Why are you feeling so disappointed about something that gave you so much excitement?
3. Is blogging as boring as a career?
Certainly Not!!

All you have to do is to to re-invent your own game.
Here are four of the common things about blogging that worry you and solutions to keep you going.

1) There are already lots of bloggers
How do you stand out and make a name for yourself amidst so many other established bloggers?
Imagine if your favorite football team thought “Geez, there are many teams already. We can’t compete with the established teams . Let's just give up on the idea.”
You would have never got your favorite team .
Trust me, you have a great potential and you can surely be the next blogging superstar.

2) Blogging Is Difficult
Blogging definitely needs a lot of patience and will power. It’s very difficult to stand out in a crowded place.
Apparently, you may need to work harder for the first few months. You may have to post regularly and trust me you are doing a great job as your post might just make someone smile and solve their problem.
Your hard work will pay off when people start recognizing your work and become your fan.

3) I don't have any followers:
Nobody's following you? Ask yourself this question:
Have you done any exceptional thing to make people follow you?
If you were your reader, is there any reason why would you follow your blog?.
In order to get followers you need to produce interesting content.You need to work with others and create a name for yourself. And the best way to do that is to blog. Blog as if it's the last profession in the world. Write classic content and try to solve your readers’ problems.
When your readers will start noticing your work they will definitely try to follow you.So don’t make followers your first priority.
4. I can't expand my blog to a profitable business
The average time it takes a blogger to get popular or make a name in the blogosphere is usually between 3-5 years. NaijaLoaded started in 2009 and gained popularity around 2012, Linda Ikeji started in 2006 and gained popularity around 2010. You have to be consistent and exercise patience.

Blogging is a full-time job for many people
Many professional bloggers are living life lavishly through blogging and are also a source of earning for other bloggers.
They hire content writers, moderators, editors, graphic designers, web designers and so on to enhance their blogging experience.This way they also help these people earn a living.

In the same way, you too can live life with your conditions and also be a source of earning for others.
Blogging gives you all the opportunities to grow.
If you think money is a strong motivator for your growth, just work towards making money from your blog.
Sign up to an affiliate program like Jumia Affiliate Or apply for AdSense or any other ad networks.

Once you've build your blog, you can get sponsored posts that pay you for writing reviews for products.
Blogging is far more interesting than the easiest job.
You only have to be patient.

What are your secrets to getting motivated? Let me know in the comments.

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