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professions reasons why other better is blogging 5

5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Better Than Other Professions
i've been blogging for a while now, most importantly, I've tried other jobs as well so i I've been able to make a good comparison.

5 Reasons Why blogging is better
Here are a few (of the thousand) advantages of blogging over other jobs

Age Restriction
We all know that someone can't continue doing all kinds of work when old. Take engineering for instance. How can an old man handle car engines ? Or tailoring. People (especially the younger generation) wouldn't want to patronize this guy cause they think he's probably too old and they'll get the impression that he's off-trend.
Blogging however is different. Blogging isn't a hard job to do and most people don't even know the owners of websites they visit. So age is an advantage of blogging over many other jobs.
I'm just 19 years old and I run this blog NaijaTechGuy so it's not really a matter of age

Limit of creativity
Sorry tailors but i want to use you guys as an example again. Tailoring, as we all know, is a profession that is almost fully reliant on creativity. However, when some people are too creative, they may be ridiculed.
A close example is this :
When people decide to use a color of thread on a cloth with a different color or people who put zips in awkward places . You see? Even if tailoring is creativity, it's not all the time that it'll require it. Blogging however, is different. Bloggers all know that it's their site, it's their rules'. For most bloggers visitors, if they're not comfortable with how a site operates, they have no option than to leave.
Read What 18 Months Of Tech Blogging Has Taught Me

Blogging is better than almost all professions for this reason. Bloggers are able to change locations freely and at will. A school owner and a pastor would be afraid cause they may loose all their members if they change locations. Bloggers can change locations at will and even if they want to change their website, they only need to automatically redirect visitors from the previous website to the new one.

The world is made up of billions of people. Other professions find it harder to reach a large amount of people but bloggers(no matter what they blog about), get visitors from different countries. Even if they blog about news in Nigeria, they'll still get visitors from around the globe.

Blogging is about passion and what you like. You can't be a painter and paint houses a color just cause you love that color neither can you be a tailor and always sew elastic waistband cause you love them. When you're into other professions, every time you have to act in harmony with what your customers want. In blogging however, it's the other way around. It's what you blog about that'll bring people. If you love nature, you'll blog about it and people who love nature would visit your site. That's just how it is.
Nice share boss

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