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make facebook 9 better facebooker would shortcuts

9 Facebook Shortcuts That Would Make You a Better Facebooker
Facebook Shortcuts That Would Make You Better Using Facebook — When you press Control A on a document, all are highlighted in a second, and press Control C, all are copied in a second, and press Control V, all are pasted in a second – – only with keyboard shortcuts can that feast be acheived within seconds. If you are to do the copy-paste process in the conventional way, you would be spending more seconds than using the shortcut keys.
But what if you also use Facebook shortcuts , and by pressing a combination of keys, a task is completed? That will be good right? That will make you a better Facebooker, and use the social network like never before.
In this article, I have listed out 9 Facebook shortcuts that if incorporated into your facebooking, it would improve your efficiency with the social network.
Let’s go through the shortcuts.
Useful Facebook Shortcuts And Their Function
Facebook shortcuts work by pressing command key(s) on the computer plus a number or a letter; however different browsers have different command key(s) that initiate the shortcut command. Also, as it should be expected, the command keys on a Mac are different from that of Windows PC.
Below are the command keys for each browser on each of the operating systems. You don’t have to memorize for all the browsers and OSes: just memorize the command for your favourite browser and OS.
Facebook Shortcut Command Keys
Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge for PC: Alt + #, then Enter
Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + #
Firefox for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
Chrome for PC: Alt + #
Chrome for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
Safari for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
Replace the # sign in the above command keys with numbers and letter below for the command you want to run on Facebook.
Command Key + 0 = Takes you to Help .
Command Key + 1 = Takes you to Facebook Home , from any Facebook page.
Command Key + 2 = Takes you to your
Command Key + 3 = Takes you to your
Friends list , where you will see old friends and incoming friend requests.
Command Key + 4 = Opens your full Inbox .
Command Key + 5 = Opens all your
Notifications .
Command Key + 6 = Opens Facebook Settings.
Command Key + 7 = Shows your Activity Log (a list of all the activities you carried out on Facebook).
Command Key + m= Opens message box to send a new message.

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