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to an lesson all bloggers get asset 1 samuel part

A Lesson To All Bloggers . Get An Asset Part 1 By Samuel Samuel
Better response on post A Lesson To All Bloggers . Get An Asset Part 1 By Samuel SamuelA lesson to all Bloggers
I went through the interview a news media had with the Laila, one of our mama's in blogging and I picked out a few things that I want to expose it to every blogger here.
1. She said she had up to N5m when she left her bank job to start blogging.
2. She claimed she was Linda Ikeji's sister in her early days.
That amount of money, kept her 100 steps ahead and by claiming she was Linda's sister she was able to gain attention.
Now if you are a blogger, struggling and claiming passion, the truth is that you need more than passion, more than money to make it in this new generation blogging..
In blogging you need to have assets and resources, but assets are the most important. Every musician, actor or media personality knows this and follows this rule. The only media personality I know that does not follow this rule anymore is Kanye West.
So what is the big deal about having these assets. Healthcarecheckers (dot) org (not my website) is a health website that posts rubbish about health, it is even a mixture of copy and paste entertainment blog and health blog, but if you see their traffic, chai.
So how come true health bloggers are suffering for traffic and a health blog which is not worthy is taking everything.
I wondered about this for over a year and watched as healthcarecheckers prospered... One day I finally found out the big trick.
The only thing that healthcarechecker has that many bloggers don't have is an ASSET. Two very big ones...
In reality you can only get an asset in two ways.
1. Investing lots of money.
2. Investing lots of time.
It's simple, if you invest lots of time, you will get it, but it would take a very long time.
If you invest your money, it would take just a few days and you are ready.
I learnt that it takes
40,000 pageviews daily to make $100
4,000 pageveiws dailyy to make $10
It might take more or less, but you should have it in mind, like I do.
Without an ASSET, your blog can never achieve this. One more good thing about having an asset is that it does not depreciate (I don't know if it appreciates). You will always have it with you (90% sure) and it will always make your bank account pregnant.
So what is this asset?
To be continued........................
Permit me to copy dis please
(08-16-2017 08:08 PM)Drinosblog Wrote: Permit me to copy dis please

Sure bro, you can share any post you want.
Do you want to purchase credits? Click here!
Better response on post A Lesson To All Bloggers . Get An Asset Part 1 By Samuel SamuelThanks

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A Lesson To All Bloggers . Get An Asset Part 1 By Samuel Samuel00