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to tutorial mybb few fix problems may get

A Tutorial To Fix A Few Problems You May Get With Mybb
1. Remove Date User Joined In Post

Go to

Admin CP -> Templates & Styles -> "Your Theme" -> Post Bit Templates -> Postbit_author_user

Remove {$lang->postbit_joined} and save.

2. Disable A Attachment Type

Go to

Admin CP -> Configurations -> Attachment Types

Now you can remove / add new attachment types.

3. Disable All Plugins At Once

Go to

Admin CP -> Configurations -> General Configurations

and now go down until you see "Disable All Plugins" and click "Yes" and save.

4. Configure Search Friendly URLs

Go to

Admin CP -> Configurations -> Server and Optimization Options

Then change "Enable search engine friendly URLs?" to "Enable" Once this setting is enabled you need to make sure you have the MyBB .htaccess in your MyBB root directory (or the equivalent for your web server). Automatic detection may not work on all servers. Please see the MyBB Docs for assistance.

5. Database Error
"MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
SQL Error:1045 - Access denied for user [email=foo_mybb'@'localhost]'foo_mybb'@'localhost'[/email] (using password: YES)Query:[READ] Unable to connect to MySQL server
Please contact the MyBB Group for technical support."

To fix

~/inc/config.php file consists of database configuration settings.
your forum's database password needs to be changed in it.
PHP Code:
~/inc/config.php file consists of database configuration settings.
your forum's database password needs to be changed in it.
more details : config.php

6. Make Portal As Home Page

simple method is to use directory index rule in .htaccess file (assuming that server is Apache)
PHP Code:
DirectoryIndex portal.php index.php index.html index.htm

7. Change The Text on MyBB landing/Login Page

The content is from header_welcomeblock_guest template of the theme.

[templates guidance]

8. Changing The Database Name

You can change database name & its related configuration in ~/inc/config.php file

see more details => config.php file

9. Can't Login

Open ~/inc/settings.php file & remove / at the end of cookie domain value
then you should be able to login to forum admin panel
& again remove trailing slash used for cookie domain at Site Details page of Configuration section.

10. Error 44

Error Type: MyBB Error (44)

Error Message: MyBB was unable to load the SQL extension.

Information: This can occur when the database type is incorrect in inc/config.php file.

To fix this, open inc/config.php file and check the entry for $config['database']['type'].
A common issue is having mysql instead of mysqli, or having mysqli instead of mysql.

If you do not know what needs to be here, contact your host provider.

11. Logout A Banned User

In general, forum content is not visible to the banned users & they get banned message for all pages.

If banned user is logged out then gets guest status & access to forum content unless you have set forced login

12. Change Default Forum avatar

Go to

path and add the image you want.

13. Change Max Avatar Size
Go to Admin CP > Configuration > Settings > Show Thread Options > Maximum Avatar Dimensions in Posts.

Go to Admin CP > Configuration > Settings > User Registration and Profile Options > Maximum Avatar Dimensions.

Go to Admin CP > Configuration > Settings > Member List > Maximum Display Avatar Dimensions.

Change all of them to 26x26, unless you want it configured differently.

14. Attachment In Post Larger

forum admin panel >> Configuration (Settings) >> Attachments
>> Show Attached Thumbnails in Posts >> select full size image & save the settings

15. Remove Date & Time From Post

You can remove {$lastpost_date} from templates => forumbit_depth1_forum_lastpost & forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost

Also you can remove {$lastpostdate} from templates => forumdisplay_thread , search_results_threads_thread , portal_latestthreads_thread

Source: community.
Nice one
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Pls how can i setup newpoints shop in mybb
Ban reason: Banned for gross spamming and promoting shady business. (1y, 3m, 3w, 2d, 8h, 39m remaining)
(08-03-2017 05:59 PM)ayodelesegun Wrote: @patrick
Pls how can i setup newpoints shop in mybb

I hope this works for you

First of all make sure that you have a working version of new points 1.8 installed. Make sure its legit too, no 3rd party stuff.
Next you want to have the "upload" folder for shop 1.5 on your desktop.
open up your FTP and connect to your sites forum folder.(public_html/forums/)
now simply open up the "upload" folder on your desktop in FTP.
right click and hit "upload to FTP"
do that to both "images" and "inc"
then go to newpoints ---> plugins -----> activate

Now go to your site, and go to admin cp.
navigate to new points---> and then shop
It should give you the error "newpoints_shop_categories" is not found
thats normal.
now go back to the "upload" folder on your desktop, and open up the filed called "newpoints_shop.php" (I would use Notepad++)
then navigate to where it says something like version and it should say this. "1*"
Just simply change it to 16 for myBB 1.6 or 14 for myBB 1.4
save it

Now go back to your site, and DEACTIVE & UNINSTALL shop 1.5
now go back to your FTP, and upload the contents of the UPLOAD FOLDER, back to your site again.
so upload inc, and images.

close out of FTP, and go back to your site.
now in admin cp go to newpoints, and then plugins, and install and activate shop 1.5
now when you go to shop, it works!! have fun

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A Tutorial To Fix A Few Problems You May Get With Mybb00