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oil? agriculture

Agriculture Or Oil?
Better response on post Agriculture Or Oil?A barrel of crude oil sells for $50 (a bit less) 

Assuming a $ = N400
Then a barrel of oil cost N20,000

One barrel contains about 159 litres, thus a litre of crude oil cost N125

On refining, there are over 1500 by products but the major ones are 
Petrol ⛽ 

In a barrel, you can manipulate the quantity of each by how you set the machine but on average after processing, you get 46l of diesel and 72l of gasoline. 

Market value 

A litre of diesel N210
A litre of pms (fuel) N145
A litre of Kerosene N110

In the market today, 

A litre of honey  N600
A litre of Palm oil N400
A litre of groundnut oil N240
A litre of milk N561
A Kilogram of tomatoes N555

You decide where the money is.

*Lets farm*
Mehn but to enta d farm na d wahala
No e no fit be whala, if the passion dey
Abeg e. Agric jare
Na so ooooooh

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