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paid? heard recharge get and ave

Ave You Heard Of Recharge And Get Paid?
Better response on post Ave You Heard Of Recharge And Get Paid?*Mark Zukerberg invited 5 people to his Harvard dorm room 12 years ago to discuss a business opportunity - "Facebook"*

*Only 2 people showed up and they got in.*
Today, those two people are billionaires: Dustin Moskovitz ($10.7 Billion) and Eduardo Saverin ($7.4 Billion).

*I wonder what it will be like for the other three that were also invited but didn't show up.*

There is nothing more expensive than a closed mind.

While many people dream of becoming better persons than the previous years, only a few actually do it.

While many people dream of quitting their jobs and start their own businesses, only a few actually do it.

Why is it that some people are more successful than others?
*BECAUSE the power of their dreams is more stronger than their excuses.*
*1) FEAR*
*2) I don't have the money* (who has?)

*3) I don't have any contacts to start with* (Really?)

*4) I'm not smart enough* (You just crowned yourself as mumu)

*5) I can't talk* (Are you dumb?)

*6) I don't have the time* (Yet you have the time to wake up by 5am and get dressed to be in traffic)

*7) I'm too busy* (Doing what exactly?)

*8) It takes too long to build a business* ( But you envy Dangote)

*9) I'm afraid. Building a business is too risky for me* (Is eating not risky? Is sleeping not risky? People have died in their sleep)

*10) I don't like dealing with people* (Mr Island...I greet your Excellency)

*11) I'm too old* (Age is never a barrier)
*12) Waiting for all the lights to turn GREEN* (Lights turn GREEN when you press the button)

*13) My husband,my wife, my parents don't support it* (They don't support you being broke either but you are)

*14) My job is too demanding and I travel a lot* (Arik Wings of Africa)

*15) I'm not good at marketing* (Yet you are too good at forwarding numerous WhatsApp posts)

*16) No,it's network. I can't do it.* (But you spread gossip like wildfire but can't spread a business that will better your life?)

*17) I'm not a professional (Who was born a professional?)*
But if they were the deciding factors, nobody would ever succeed.

*For every reason why it's not possible, there are hundreds of people who have faced the same circumstances and succeeded.*

Lots of people overcome these so-called limiting factors, so it can't be the limiting factors that stop you but it's YOU that stop YOU.

Nothing in the world can stop a determined mind.
This is highly philosophical. Great article!
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Thank you
nice one
Thank you my general
I Love This
Nice! I actually thought you were gonna talk about recharge and get paid platform
(10-17-2017 06:12 PM)Misola Wrote: Nice! I actually thought you were gonna talk about recharge and get paid platform

Do you want to purchase credits? Click here!
Will be droppings it soon....... You gono like the platform
First of all know this.._*Did you know that when Obasanjo was in power, he had an agreement with MTN
to earn N1 on EVERY amount that MTN subscribers recharge their phones with?
So if 50 million Nigerians recharge their MTN lines daily, OBJ would make a
Be patient to read this article :
Recharge and get paid


Recharge and get paid office.
Danziyal plaza, Suite C16 &17 Central Business District ( Opposite NNPC Mega Station) Abuja.
It operates in partnership with the 4 major telecoms giants in Nigeria, namely:
?9MOBILE (formally Etisalat)
??? *So How Exactly Does Recharge & Get Paid Work?* ???

*Recharge & Get Paid* has _6 membership packages_ & to enjoy all the amazing benefits that
the company offers, you need to sign up (register) for any of the packages, as shown below:

? Basic N5,000
? Bronze N10,000
? Silver N20,000
? Gold N30,000
? Diamond N40,000
? Platinum N50,000
You can start small (e.g. Basic) & upgrade to any higher level later.
??? *How Can I Run This Recharge & Get Paid Business?* ???

*Recharge & Get Paid* is a very flexible business that you can do in 2 ways depending
on your preference:

? *As a VTU agent* ( _Non Referral aspect_)
This means that you are a *vendor* of electronic recharge cards & cable subscriptions.
You sell airtime, data, cable subscriptions & bill payments electronically using the VTU
technology on our platform.

? *Team Building* ( _Referral aspect_)
The 2nd way to run this business is to build a team via referrals. When you build a team
of downlines, you earn more money i.e. direct & indirect referral bonus, in addition to the
commissions you earn via VTU. You also earn commissions from the VTU transactions
of all your downlines

First pay your registration money into the company account.
The company's account details are as follows:




After payment, click on the link below to register:

When you get to the Payment Process, choose
*BANK WIRE OPTION* to enter your payment details. If you did transfer to company account, select or click Bank Wire and type *TRANSFER* where it asks for your teller number.
Once your payment is confirmed, your username will be activated.
Or quickly contact me or whatsapp me for registration. guidance 08093413737

Ask question,
More update coning

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