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to make blog popular 01 09am blogging how 5 start jul

Before You Start Blogging) How To Make Your Blog Popular By: 5:09am On Jul 01
(before You Start Blogging) How To Make Your Blog Popular by: 5:09am On Jul 01
(Before you start blogging)
Before you start that blog or perhaps in fact before that blog you've been struggling with becomes popular, these are things you need to do.�
They're so many blogs and so many are being created every day and of course many people are online and will always visit your site (especially those your friends who advise you to open a blog for your many posts and 'start making money'). You'll be disappointed cos when it's ready and you invite them to come see what they've been encouraging you to get, they'll turn a deaf hear..���. Have you ever taught of why they don't visit, keep coming back and recommend to other friends? I'll tell you. You see I have experience in this blogging thing. In fact, I'll share my experience down there somewhere in between.☺
1. Even those that advised you to get a blog and start making money believe you'll make money and leave them behind or become like them so they don't want to contribute to your becoming rich, popular and famous. Inside of them, they don't want you to succeed...
2. Others though, are of the believe that it consumes so much data if they visit the site... They are stingy with their data and very careful with their clicks... So if your links and title is not enticing, riddled with lies forget it, no click for you. You'll be disappointed. You'll be like 'so with all this 4000 friends that I have, only 5 clicked on this, wetin I go do na?'. Meanwhile you're very popular, ones you drop something on Facebook you always get up to 150 likes in few hours or more depending, and comments usually come in torrents.
Sorry, that is where you got your inspiration and thought they'll show you same love. No they won't. It's called a blog and not Facebook.
3. The remaining of your friends are so addicted to Facebook that they don't like anything that will take them out of Facebook, for what na,, which kind link, wetin dey the site sef, mtchew....
(That's what my head could remember now)
Do some adverts to get your blog out there for people to see since your friends cannot help you. Do Facebook ads (because many people are always on Facebook), or Google AdWords, and you can pay a celeb to hype you small. But this is crazy and why did I even mention it. How can you sustain this? You’ll lose your money because you may not have what will bring the people back on your site, ones they arrive, they just may not find your site interesting and zoom they go and forget the name of your blog. Oh sorry. Its because you are lacking in content that can bring them back and if you spent so much money to advertise… what was your aim? Was it to just get impression, or where you intending on selling something of value, something many of those that clicked through were interested in in? don’t waste money if you don’t know what to do. You’ll be frustrated. Let’s talk about these surefire ways of doing it!
See let me tell you, blogging is not JUST about writing and posting for people to come and read. IF YOU NEED MAD TRAFFIC OR POPULARITY YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO LIE. Yes. I mean it. You will not get people hooked up and talking, sharing your posts if you don’t know how to drive them nuts. You can lie about a popular personality, write something on your blog intentionally to get people talking.
When the person you’ve lied about comes after you, you have some options to deal with it; first is to apologize but the truth is that the damage has been done. No, rather, you’ve gotten what you wanted- your social juice (traffic). Next option is to attack the person further, furthering your claim especially if the person is one you can ride on. You need to take on people if you must succeed in blogging. The person must be a popular person. THAT IS THEI

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