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charcoal benefits

Benefits Of Charcoal
1. It heals wounds. Do you have any wound on your body? Apply charcoal powder.

[i][b]2. It cleanse Skins. This is for my ladies because we are the one always taking care of our skin. In case of pimples, spots e.t.c. make a thick paste and apply. [/b][/i]

3. It filters water. Remember when we use 'alum' too? Throw charcoal inside a bucket of dirty water, you will see results.

4. It detoxifies. After a Friday night out and hang over is knocking your head out, chew charcoal. It works like magic.

5. It whitens the teeth. Who doesn't know this. I still dey do am self. I really admire white teeth and I try to maintain the one I have by using charcoal to brush my teeth before using paste.
Wow, Nice ,I only knew few about this before
This is informative!
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