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username? remember still 2go

Can You Still Remember Your 2go Username?
Growing up I use to be an addict of 2go, I met my first girlfriend online, friends and lots of fun games.
Within a twinkle of an eye 2go just vanished with Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook taking over.

Question of the day can you remember your 2go user name mine was patrix
Hehe, 2go was fun back then.. Anyway, let me read comments
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My username was victorboy...(i can't remember the numbers)
I loved to play "gowords" , i remembered those good times when i'll wake up by 11:30pm and play gowords till dawn.
I even did a gc cheat Smile .
I also invented a game called "fastest finger" on 2go

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Can You Still Remember Your 2go Username?00