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money freelancing earn

Earn Money Freelancing
Freelancing is the act of doing of doing a job for someone and getting paid for it with the freedom to opt in and out at anytime.
There are a number of freelancing websites online where you can register and find jobs you can do and be paid for them, there are a lot of people making good money with it. I will discuss the two most popular freelancing sites in the world. They are and, there are others such as,,, etc.
Fiverr is an ecommerce website where you can buy or sell services at $5 although the company has reviewed this figure upwards. Services rendered on Fiverr range from logo designing to transcripting, video creation and editing, backlinking, social signals, photoshop, etc.
The jobs on Fiverr are called Gigs and there are so many of them that you must get something you can do. Fiverr is free to join but charge 20% of whatever you make on a gig, for example if you make $5, fiverr will take $1 leaving you with $4.
There are Nigerians making thousands of dollars monthly on Fiverr, you just have to start and find out what you can do best and offer your services.
Just like most online businesses, making money with fiverr is not a day or week or even month’s job. It takes time, research and patience before you start making big bucks.
There are a lot of things you need to do to earn big bucks on Fiverr such as advertising your gigs, delivering your gigs on time, avoiding negative reviews and cancelled orders etc., but this is just an introductory article, do your research online and find out more.
1. FREELANCER.COM as the name implies is a freelancing website like Fiverr. They have the same concept which is the buying and selling of services however Freelancer has different membership types which are free membership and various levels of paid membership.
Free accounts can only do 8 jobs in a month and cannot make direct deposit withdrawals whereas the paid accounts can do more jobs with the limit depending on the level of the paid account and can make direct deposit withdrawals amongst other things.
Freelancer takes a 10% fee on each job which is lower than the 20% charged by Fiverr, this charge can also be reduced if the account is a paid one but the minimum amount that can be charged on any transaction is $5, these are some of the reasons why Fiverr is more popular.
To register and start making money, go to and just like I always say it will take time, patience, research and commitment to make big bucks online.

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