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us approves 15 workers 000 temporary visas

FIXED- Us Approves 15,000 Visas For Temporary Workers
The U.S. government is allowing 15,000 additional visas
for temporary seasonal workers to help American
businesses in danger of suffering irreparable harm
because of a shortage of such labor, the Department of
Homeland Security said on Monday.
US President, Donald Trump
U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly found
after consulting with Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta
that there were not enough qualified and willing American
workers available to perform temporary nonagricultural
work, the department said in a statement.
“As a demonstration of the administration’s commitment
to supporting American businesses, DHS is providing this
one-time increase to the congressionally set annual
cap,” Kelly said in a statement.
Many seasonal businesses such as resorts, landscaping
companies and seafood harvesters and processors had
sought permission to temporarily hire more immigrants.
In May, Congress gave Kelly authority to approve up to
about 70,000 additional temporary visas and lawmakers
had pleaded with him to issue more of them.
But advocates of stricter limits on immigration criticized
the move, saying American workers should get job
openings. Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA, said in a
statement the decision “threatens to reverse the trend of
reports emerging around the country of employers
working harder and raising pay to successfully recruit
more unemployed Americans for lower-skilled jobs.”
Beck called the decision “yet another example of the
administration and Congress failing to keep the Trump
campaign promise of putting American workers first.”
President Donald Trump campaigned on an “America
First” platform of favoring Americans for hiring. But
Trump’s golf resorts in Florida have used the visas to
hire temporary guest workers, Reuters reported last year.
A group of U.S. companies and groups that use the visas,
called the “the H-2B Workforce Coalition,” in a statement
praised the “minimal relief granted… Though we fear this
gesture may be too little too late for thousands of small
businesses … the additional visas may help save some
small businesses this year.”
Source: Vanguard

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