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an guys girlfriend here abusive common traits 5

Guys, Here Are 5 Common Traits of An Abusive Girlfriend
This is so because of all the formal and informal reports of domestic we hear around us, men are usually the perpetrators of all these inhumane acts.
But that’s not to say men don’t also suffer these things. Yes, the sample might be smaller than that of women but it’d be utterly ridiculous to disregard the amount of men going through issues of abuse.

They might not come out to report these things as a result of public opinion and perception, but never get it twisted. Women are also perpetrating abuse » on their partners and spouses.
So, guys, in order to avoid this in a relationship, here are the signs to watch out for in a woman:

1. Controlling Behavior
Watch out for the woman who compulsively tries to control who you hang out with, where you go, what you do and the activities you engage in.
It might appear as a little, harmless trait, but all grand things almost always begin small. When a woman has tendencies of abuse, here is one of the common traits she has.

2. Violence
Just the way women are always advised to not dismiss any violent act on them by their partners, so should you make a big deal out of any violent thing a woman does against you.
If she jokingly does it very frequently, it won’t be long before the slaps and attacks lose the playfulness in them.

3. Verbal Abuse
She’s not scared of the hurtful impacts of her words, whether it hurts or not does not concern her. She just hurls them at you. Screams, freaks out and calls you names at the slightest opportunity she gets.
She’s also the type that regularly threatens and blackmails you emotionally. If she dismisses your emotions, too, you need to watch out for that woman.
She’s got traits of manipulation and abuse.

4. Can't Handle Criticism
If she flips out at every criticism, even if they were constructively done, she has a tendency to be abusive.
You can’t be with a woman who sees every correction as negative criticism and is always offended.
She knows how to be rudely critical of your actions, but would never take it from you.
She isn’t roght for you, bruh.

5. Gaslighting
Gaslighting is "manipulative behavior used to confuse people into thinking their reactions to bullshit are so ridiculous.
“It wasn’t that bad. You’re imagining things. Stop making things up. Stop making mountains out of molehills…”
Those are the types of responses a gaslighter gives you when you are rightly pissed off about something terrible they did.

It’s a form of emotional abuse, and it’s bad.
Watch out for it.


So true bro. Hehe
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Na true talk @patrick

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