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diary 21 mother 18 single part

HOT!- Diary Of A Single Mother (18+)… Part 21
you will never be brave if you don’t get hurt, you will never learn if you don’t make mistakes, you will never be successful if you don’t encounter failure.
who it was, if not the mighty and high Ben himself. nxaa I didn’t know what sort of explaination I had to give him to convince him that it wasn’t what he thought it was. but did I owe him that much considering the fact that I was just a passing breeze in his life and he never cared.
“is this what you do in my absence? ” it hit me hard that he had to find us in that awkward yet innocent position. I didn’t do anything with Peter not even kissing him yet here he was acting as if we have been caught p@nts down. I just stared at him,praying that his demons wouldn’t get the better of him.
“it’s not what you think. Peter here was just trying to be…”
” shut up you cheap wh***” as far as I was concerned, I didn’t deserve the leash of his tongue. he was acting as if he was holy yet his heart was burdened with too many unruly actions. I don’t understand why men expect us to bury the hatchet and put not a memorial tombstone on it yet if its the other way round, you are assured of an unpleasant show of their beasty side. I owed him nothing so he had to stop acting like he owned my head.
” I must apologize sir for the act you just saw. me and your wife are just friends ” poor Peter. he was unsuccessfully trying to stir himself out of this mess.
” she is not my wife and will never be. yes am sure you are just friends sharing a bed ” that was a blow to my face. I know I had lied to Peter but I intended to tell him the whole truth in my own good time. Ben had just ruined it and blew off my cover. whatever will Peter think of me from now onwards was equal to a series of wrong turn movie.
“don’t think if I hopped in bed with you,I can do it with every Jim and Jack. besides can I ask what happened between you and Cindy your obvious bed mate?” I regretted it the moment it came out of my mouth. it earned me a slap. it was the first time he had la!d his hand on me and I didn’t wish a repeat of that performance. Peter stood up and walked over to him. I know he wasn’t much of a fighter and this came as a surprise.
” you can beat your fellow men to pulp I don’t give a damn but you only expose your cowardice if you lay a hand on a woman particularly this woman. I don’t care who you think you are but if you repeat this at any time of my breath, I will make sure I have you locked up and throw the keys at the bottom of the sea” you can imagine the pride that swelled inside my chest. Ben needed someone who could stand up to him. my Knight in shining armour yooh smile emoticon .before Ben had time to recover from the shock and shame, Peter went out with his message successfully delivered and gave me the ‘you-owe-me-an-explaination’ look .
I knew now I had been left to fight the rest of this battle and in the history of it,I never won. I sat down and listened to him lashing out how he struggled to put food on my table and a roof over my head yet I was still an ungrateful illiterate pig. he said this time he was going for good because he was tired of my promiscuity. koma how many times had he seen me in the company of men? he said he had heard enough of my town mongering with men and parading Amanda along. he said if I wanted that life I had to go alone and not sleep with men in the presence of his daughter, he didn’t care if I slept with the whole town. where was his jelousy driving to? I would swear this man could follow me right to my grave if I wasn’t careful I don’t that way I would rest in perfect peace. it was like he had a chain around my neck and drag me like his prisoner. you can let someone throw many stones at you before you start picking them all up and use them to build a wall to keep that person out of your life. how I wish I had the audacity to keep him at bay once and for all. I didn’t have words for this educated savage who claimed to be full of knowledge and wisdom yet he was acting like a fool. you can take James from the village but you can’t take the village out of James. a fool is a fool whether literate or illiterate. but what good is education if you can’t apply it to your everyday life?
all I was left with was to forgive myself for allowing him to hurt me.
” I came to give you your examination results. ” that brought me back to reality. I took the sealed envelope from him.I was grateful he didn’t open it beforehand. I tore the envelope with shaking hands and my eyes landed on the familiar stamp of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.
“read it loud, I want to hear it too.” And I began.
“Dear Miss Wangu Banda. This is to inform you that…”
ohhh Nooo!!
I felt like a hammer had hit my heart, making it heavy and weary I couldn’t breathe. My life had become a series of failures; it was like nothing couldn’t work. I was in a relationship with a man who thought little of me. The best word could be that he was using me and loving every

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