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seo rank page i first google how

HOT!- How I Rank Google First Page With Seo
SEO is a bae. Today, I decide to write few contents about SEO, you will learn 6 tips on how I get rank on Google first page with most of my post on my blog.

Don't be surprise ,my blog is just a month old and its ranks on google first page. Follow the 6 steps below but no 2 is more important

1. Choose a good domain name.
2. Use Keywords
3. Use description
4. Use quality backlinks
5. Create original content
6. Intentional Website Structure

1. Choose a good domain name : If you can make it work, fit your main keyword into your domain name as the first word in the domain. To boost rankings, you need to think of a classic domain name that is best for your blog description. Why most bloggers fails today is because of their domain names ,where domain like " or " is busy posting sports news lol. Can you see that ?? Google can't rank site like that so, think before choosing a domain name .

2.Use keywords : Keywords is Google's most powerful tool for website owners. Use Google Analytics to find the best keywords for your business (this process is described in the "Using Google" section below). Then,
use those keywords in your text. Don't overload the text with the keyword and so far this is the easy way to get rank on google, if you know how to use your keyword properly according to your blog description.

3. Use descriptions : Your website code allows you to add invisible descriptions for pictures and pages.

Use these, and try to fit at least one keyword into the text. Having one at all will help your rankings. If you don't know how to work your html code to do this, get your website designer to help you.

4. Use quality backlinks : Backlinks are when another website, preferably one that gets more hits than yours, links to your page. Find websites that are in the same vein as yours and see if they'd be willing to do some cross promotion. You can also contact relevant blogs and ask about guest posting, giving you another chance to link to your site.

Note: you want these backlinks to be quality. Google can tell the difference. Do not spam comment sections trying to build backlinks for yourself.

5. Create original content: I always tell people that if they want to rank in Google, they should better get used to writing and also learn how to write rich headlines

6. Intentional Website Structure:

Website structure for SEO purposes of your web site should help users find the information they want inthe quickest possible way, this is your main objective. What serves users well will naturally serve search engines too.

Essential pages trustworthy websites

About Us – A well designed about page improves the credibility and trustworthiness of a site.

Contact Page – Should serve your visitors with pertinent contact information like email, phone and business address.

Privacy Policy – Search engines, like Google, like it when websites have a privacy policy in place.

Sitemap – Help visitors easily find and access all of your website content from one page. This would be different than an XML sitemap for search engines.

URL Structure: The format of your permalinks should describe the basis of the content of each webpage. If you have WordPress, opt to enable clean
permalinks vs. id post permalinks.
This is cool.. But I am still having problems with backlinks

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