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i credits? how earn

How Can I Earn Credits?
Better response on post How Can I Earn Credits?BELOW ARE WAYS TO EARN CREDITS ON JDTRENDZ.COM

you can earn Credits through the following ways:


2. You earn Credits by actively participating in competitions.

3. You can earn Credits by playing the forum's BET

4. Another way to earn credits is by selling premium items.

5. Finally, you can earn through donations, ie, when someone donates to you.

Other Ways to Earn Credits :

1. CREATING NEW TOPIC/THREAD: you will earn 0.1 each time you create a new topic/thread.

2. NEW POSTS/REPLIES: you will earn 0.01 each time you reply/comment on new topics. Please don't spam!

3. REPLIES ON THREAD: when someone replies/comments on your thread, you get 0.001

4. REGISTRATION: you will get 0.5 once you register and activate your account.

5. REFERRAL COMMISSION: when someone joins Jdtrendz through your referral link, you will earn 5 Credits

Note, this is not a get-money scheme, but a scheme designed to appreciate our active members with something. Something is better than nothing.

To earn BIG on Jdtrendz, participate in competitions, refer people, sell items, and play forum games.

What is the Use of Credits?

Credits can be used for the following :

1. To purchase premium files on Jdtrendz.Com
2. Can be exchanged for cash, bitcoins and airtime.
3. Can be used to access some forums.
4. Can be used to play BET...

Convert Credits to real money, LEARN MORE...

NOTE: to make quick money on Jdtrendz, you should participate in our competitions, forum games, and sell premium items.
Do you want to purchase credits? Click here!

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