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to colored mybb add headings category multiple how

How To Add Multiple Colored Category Headings On Mybb
Better response on post How To Add Multiple Colored Category Headings On MybbFirst edit the HTML.

Navigate to Templates > forumbit templates > forumbit_depth1_cat template.

Look for this code on 4th line.

<td class="thead" colspan="5">

Replace with:

<td class="thead" colspan="6" id="forum_cat_{$forum['fid']}">

So copy paste business lets you learn nothing. So here i explain what you are exactly doing.
You are assigning an ID for the category heading. As ID's are unique, they tend to have a property of assigning themselves to a particular element.

Now its Css time :
So you have to look for number of categories you have.
Look for their ID's in the admin panel > forums.

So every category needs to be having a particular ID and insert in following code:

#forum_cat_x {background:#D12C2C;}

x="ID Number of the Category.

For example:

The first forum cat ID is 1 then you have to insert the ID within the following code:

#forum_cat_1 {background:#111;}

So the next category has an ID 8 then the code becomes :

#forum_cat_8 {background:#222;}

So you have to assign color to every category you have and thus you can achieve multiple clored Thead/ Category Heading Backgrounds.
You can add images instead of colors too., instead of colors #xxxxxx
you need to add the image path ex: url(images/xx.png);

Tanks boss ur the best
thanks bro for the this
Na u Biko @Pedro

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