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to nigerian apply adsense google how

How To Apply For Nigerian Google Adsense
I know most bloggers mindset, after creating their blog they want to apply for Google Adsense immediately. But the issue is, some don’t even know how to go about it to get accepted by Google. I do see newbies blogger always posting the question on most online forums and on bloggers Facebook groups on how to apply for a Nigerian Google Adsense account and get verified legally.

[Image: 4993371.jpg]

Most bloggers are eager to earn their income through Google Adsense and they are even ready to pay to get a verified Google Adsense account.

Google Adsense is a platform developed by Google, to enable owners of websites or blogs earn money online. Google Adsense permits publishers of websites, differing in size and expertise, to earn passive income, via the placement of targeted adverts, which will feature on the pages of the website.

Google Adsense has been a bone to the economic fortunes of an increasing number of website and blog owners, especially in Nigeria. These sites have been able to earn substantial sums as revenue as a result of the qualitative and often quantitative posts and content that are relevant in online searches and resources.

Blogs and Websites like Lindaikejisblog, bellanaija, pricepadi and Nigerianmonitor are a few stellar examples of entities that are reaping the benefits that Google Adsense provides.

In order for an online entrepreneur to reap the benefits accruable from utilizing Google Adsense here in Nigeria, there are certain minimum requirements that must be met, before any website or blog can begin to earn revenue. The requirements, broken down stepwise, are as follows:

Applying For Google Adesnse in Nigeria

1. Create a Google Account
This is the first step every web owner must embark upon in Nigeria, in applying for Google Adsense in Nigeria. A Google account permits you access to all the features on offer by Google, including Google Adsense.

2. Have a Website/Blog
It is important that the entrepreneur owns/runs a website that has been in operation for some time. For Google Adsense in Nigeria, and indeed for other parts of the world, the minimum stipulated time to be considered for a Google Adsense account is six months.

3. Original Content Generation
For one to successfully apply for a Google Adsense in Nigeria, it is imperative that the content and posts of the website/blog has relevant and quality content.

Because the idea behind the operation of Google Adsense is that advertisers would only place adverts that are related to what you write/blog about; which should ordinarily attract a targeted audience to your web pages.

4. Have a HTML Code enable Website/Blog

To successfully apply for a Google Adsense account, the entrepreneur must possess a blog/website that permits the pasting and editing of HTML source code. The ability to paste and edit HTML source code is important so as to enable the display of desired advert materials. For those who do not have such a website that permits the pasting of HTML source code, Google provides for such through one of its services, Google Blogger. One can create a blogger account through this service.

The entrepreneur must then apply for a Google Adsense account in Nigeria. One must specify the type of advertiser you wish to be, choose the kinds of adverts you want to display; the more options, the more revenue the site/blog is able to make.

The applicant must customize the adverts settings on the Google Adsense account, as well as provide relevant information such as names, age, bank operated, forwarding address and other relevant data.

The user can customize the adverts, and determine where the adverts should appear on the site/blog, as well as employ the targeted marketing feature, in order to attract the right audience to the adverts being displayed.
Refining Your Content
It is important that the entrepreneur continually improves on the postings/writings/content of the website
amazing tips
Good Bless
nice post
But they take time to approve, why?
If one have been approved by google, can that person still do copy and paste of posts from other website?

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