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to 6 facebook famous simple how steps

How To Be Facebook Famous In 6 Simple Steps
How To Be Facebook Famous In 6 Simple Steps1 Profile.
Your profile will create the first impression on the mind of your fan. This would need to spend a lot of time in completing the information and add relevant pictures that seem exciting for the viewers.
2 Add Everyone.
Once you feel that your account is good to go, start searching for Facebook Famous friends {1,000}. When they accept turn on notification so you don’t miss their post. Be careful not to Spammer on there post unless you will get block from Facebook.
3 Posts
Posting content that is a perfect balance of meaningful things as well as fun stuff you know is cool and loved by all. Do that, you will see you first 50 likes. Stay in top of everything that is seemingly going to become viral. Make sure you change your settings “Who can see my post” from Friends to Public {Everybody}
4 Comment
Make sure you comment on every friends statues/pictures, if you do this it will branch you out and that means more people see your profile, don’t be rude, just put nice witty comments that it will make you get some friends.
5 Interaction.
Comments go so far. But messages are even better, speaking to Facebook Famous friends is always a great way to meet new ones, have group chats, add new people and start talking. You should just talk about what makes you happy later then tell them to (share new account) Note: Not everyone will share you but haters will ignore due to you are not their class. don’t be worry you will get there
6 Join Popular Groups
Join Popular Groups is another way to meet people within and abroad, make sure you are active on the group.
If, this articles of mine. please don’t hesitate to drop your comment and share.
New Tutorial Coming Soon: How To Gain Followers On Instagram.
hmmm, sounds interesting
DAT true
(07-04-2017 02:13 PM)viczimo Wrote: DAT true

I agree wit u @viczimo
lol do like for like

or become a realer

if not forget it dawg

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