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to make longer last how phone

How To Make Your Phone Last Longer
As Some people will say, “without smartphones, Life would be boring”

How true us the statement above? There may be different alternatives but who can really say. But let’s just take it as it is for now. Take it or leave it, smartphones is doing a lot for us in the modern day world and we really have to appreciate it’s coming to life.

Smartphones are fast taking over every market in the world. It is now a must use product for every one on earth. It is not avoidable because of the its function. With a phone you can actually do a lot of things. With a smartphone, you can speak to anybody you want to speak with in matter of seconds. With smartphones, you can see what others are doing through video calls. With smartphones, you can enjoy all the music in the world that you can think of. And with the power of smartphones, you can easily locate the area you are in case you get lost.

Having all the above specifications, it must be a special commodity that is worth a lot and must be properly maintained or taken care of. But what can we do to make sure our smartphones last longer.

Here are the tips to follow:

Avoid Overcharging: overcharging can sometimes happen thereby leading to either the destruction of the battery or explosion of the phone. So it is wise to unplug the phone whenever it is full or when we are going out.
Avoid use while on charge: using your phone while it is charging can be very dangerous. It pose any danger but the most common of them is the reduction in the life span of the phone battery. Always unplug your phone before using.
Handle With Care: mishandling a smartphone is usually the cause of early damages which can result on break of phone glass or screen. It can also affect several items in the phone thereby causing it to malfunction. Always handle with care to avoid damages.
Use Specified Charger: some smartphone users still do not know the function of a phone charger. You may think that the type of chargers we use does not really matter, but it does a lot. Record have it that 1 in every 10 damaged phones, are from the type of chargers we use. We always see at the back of our phone batteries that we should use the specified charger. Do we think we know more than the manufacturers? They know the harm every other chargers can cause. So, always use the specified charger to avoid unnecessary expenses.
Use Protective Covers: Use of protective covers like screen guard and double back cover can be helpful at times. You may not know their functions unless the worse happen. That’s why it is advisable to always use before hand as they always say that prevention is better than cure. Applying all these can safeguard your phone in the long run. It also helps in saving money meant for daily purchase of smartphones.
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