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to callistics track using data usage and android how calls

How To Track Calls And Data Usage On Android Using Callistics
Every android device comes with pre-installed programs used to check call histories, check values of data usage and some other recorded stuffs like that, but these histories don’t last, within few weeks, or just couple of days, it wipes off. However, android system allows you to record only the first 500 call histories. This is the more reason you need an advanced program to do all the tracking for you, so as you get to see a lifetime history.

Callistics is an advanced android app that is designed to track every call that you make and then make a special history for it, track messages, track data usage with a special data management unit, call logs with advanced chart for specific days, incoming and outgoing call tracks, metrics provided per contact and free calls and messages section. Please don't confuse this apps with applications that tracks mobile calls or call recording apps for android .
I’m pretty sure that your current android device can’t perform any of the above advanced tasks without the help of callistics. At least, you’ve known some reason you need to get callistics app on your android device. It’s very recommended and useful, also helps in better stats.

Outside the features mentioned above, there are other cool stuffs that are also integrated on the application like, outstanding material design, dual sim support, cool widgets, broadband usage meter, overview, summary, billing period settings, setup alarm for usage of plan and many more.

Where to download Callistics?
You can download the callistics application from Google playstore
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That’s just it on how to track calls and data usage using callistics. If you got any other related application that is used for tracking calls and data usage, feel free to let me know via comment section, so I can test the app for some days and make an update of it.
Nice thread!
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