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to blog seo 2017 how write

How To Write A Blog For SEO In 2017
Better response on post How To Write A Blog For SEO In 2017For the purpose of offering users the best results, search engines, such as Yahoo! And Google, use ‘spiders’, which are algorithmic tools which scan the content of websites for keywords.
The keywords help the engines place the website in a particular category and decide whether they will show them in the search results. The more relevant a blog is for a particular query, the higher it will appear on the results list. Many bloggers rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to write their posts, so the search engines will index it better. But how can you do that?

1. Know your keywords.
It is essential for you to know exactly what topics you are addressing and what is your target audience. It is hard to make a successful blog if you don’t know exactly what and for who are you writing. There are even online tools, such as Google Insights, which can help you determine what keywords are most popular for your blog post and your topic.
Must Read: Link Building Strategies for Money Site.

2. Choose a Good SEO title.
The title should ideally match the exact search words people use for their queries. In this sense, you should take the place of your target visitor. Think about what they are looking for and what words would they use in order to find what they need. Then use those words in your text and in the title. Keep in mind that many people might not use a proper spelling or word order, so you might want to include these options too (that’s . going to the extreme a bit anyway). For example, if you are looking for SEO services in USA, you might want to think about a phrasing like this “ – seo chicago ”.

3. Focus on the First and Last Paragraphs.
One good strategy when writing for SEO is to pay special attention to the first and last paragraphs. Try to place as many keywords there as you can, but in a natural way. The spiders will see if the keywords are added artificially and will reject the blog or the post. The same effect will appear if you are overusing a certain keyword or key phrase.

4. Write as you would normally do.
Don’t struggle too much with creating a SEO article. The rule of thumb here is to sound natural and to flow as you would normally do. At the same time, make sure you include the keyword and phrases, but only where they make sense in the context.

5. Use other SEO tactics.
Do some research and find out what other tactics you could use in order to improve your
blog’s ranking . The more tactics you use in a smart fashion, the better results will appear. But the most important thing is to enjoy writing for your blog!
I hope you find this article interesting. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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