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fake phones lookalike identifying

Identifying Fake Phones (lookalike)
The Nigerian phone market in recent times has become saturated with fake phones and many unsuspecting buyers have been scammed into buying fake phones for the price of an original one. Fake phones especially Android phones have become so rampant that one wonders if phone dealers are deliberately taking advantage of their customers.

I noticed that most of the fake phones in the market are the so called ‘UK or London Used Phones’ and fairly used phones, there are also fake new phones but they don’t seem to be as many as the used phones.

Most of these fake phones match the original phones almost exactly in design and since most phone buyers are not tech savvy, they are very easily deceived. Many people do not know they bought a fake phone until after a while when they probably meet someone with the original version of the phone and find huge differences between their phone and the original. Even small phones popularly called ‘Torchlight phones’ in Nigeria have fake versions, Chai, dia ris God o!
The Nigerian government through regulators such as the Standards Organisation of Nigeria have failed in this task of regulating imported phones and protecting Nigerians from buying substandard phones. However, we cannot sit and wait for the government to solve this problem for us as that will be equal to waiting till eternity so here are some tips to help you detect a fake phone.

Due to the way fake phone manufacturers/phone pirates are becoming more and more sophisticated everyday and the ease of installing an Android OS on a phone, it is hard to tell if a phone is fake by merely looking at it or by just its design.

1. Don’t be in a hurry to buy any phone and don’t let any seller hurry you to buy, settle down and do some research online before you buy, if possible get an original version of the phone from someone you know and take to the market for comparison.

2. I have found out by handling various fake phones that the easiest and best way to know a fake phone is by testing its camera. It takes quite a lot of work to build a quality phone camera and it seems most fake phone manufacturers cannot replicate original cameras.
Take pictures with the phone’s cameras, both back and front cameras but especially the back camera and compare them with pictures captured by the original phone’s camera. The best way to compare is to search online for pictures taken with the phone’s camera, a simple Google search can be your saviour from buying a fake phone. Take videos also with the camera and compare the video quality with the original phone’s videos.

3. Go with a SIM card which has internet subscription on it so that you can test the phone’s internet connectivity and ability to download, update and run apps. Some fake phones have problems connecting to the internet especially with the Airtel network, so I advise that you use the Airtel network to test all apps and try downloading some apps from the Google Play Store if its an Android phone and Apple App store for iPhones.

4. If it is an Android phone, check the Android Operating System (OS) version and compare with specs from reputable websites to make sure it is the same version or higher, if the version is lower, it is fake, if it is higher it means the phone’s OS was upgraded. Some fake phone manufacturers still manage to put the correct Android version on fake phones though.

5. If it is an iPhone, check to make sure the back cover is unremovable and the SIM slot is for a Nano-SIM, it should also have only one SIM slot and no memory card slot. If you buy an iPhone 7 with dual SIM and memory card slot, na die you dey o, Lol!

6. You can also check if a phone is fake by checking its IMEI number on IMEI checking websites. If the phone is original, a search of its IMEI number should return the Phone’s model and year of manufacture. I’m not sure if this is applicable to all phone brands though, I know for sure that it is applicable to big brands such as Samsung, Sony, iPhone, etc.

With these tips, I believe no one should fall victim of these evil fake phone manufacturers and sellers. Good luck in your next phone purchase.
iam a victim
thanks for your post

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