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to inspirational words all bloggers

Inspirational Words To All Bloggers
Better response on post Inspirational Words To All Bloggerswe all know creativity pays, and being unique takes you further.

Blogging is not meant to be for all but everybody wants to become a blogger with no source of inspiration, then you will see them copying every post on the internet relating to their niche, then later you will be getting questions like, "how do I drive traffic to my blog?", "how do I increase my Google page rank?", "why is Google not indexing my post?".

When I see questions like this, I review your blog and I notice your posts are copied, it makes me want to ignore the questions but it won't be cool because they asked you the question knowing that you know better and you could help them resolve the issue.

Being blogger don't let your motivation comes from money, that will bring you down quickly because all you will be thinking about is how to monetize my blog, forgetting the fact that you can't monetize a blog without quality content and traffic.

Let your motivation comes from helping and reaching out to the world, trust me topics and ideas will come to you. Something that if you write you will be proud of yourself and the world will be amazed and people like me will bookmark your page and also share it.

Blogging should be something you have passion for, something that gives you joy, something that makes you wake up in the morning with smile. Blogging should be like a boyfriend/girlfriend to you. Blogging should be like your favourite football team to you, trust with all these you won't know when you open your office and employ people to write because the money is now there.

Blogging can be a part time or full time job, just look for something to inspire your blogging career. As a blogger also have a specialty, something people should know you for and they will come to whenever they have issue relating to your specialty.

I was inspired to write this today for Jdtrendz members, this is not even in my forum and I don't have any intention of posting it there because it was specially created for jdtrendz.

I remain Life the official owner of

Enjoy your Saturday.... shout out to the one and only @Pedro the craziest buddy ever
Better response on post Inspirational Words To All BloggersHehe. . That's my man, the AdSense guru. Thanks for this wonderful piece buddy Big Grin
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Indeed Inspirational
great bro

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