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to make relationship tribal work inter how

Inter-tribal Relationship - How To Make It Work
Are you presently in a relationship with a guy/girl from another tribe? Or you are thinking of going into one? Then, this thread is for you. 

One fact is that Inter-tribal relation is a very tedious thing to do. Sometimes, people get tired and leave (losing the love of their lives to this).  If you are in love, you will try all your efforts to make it work. You have to fight for the one you love.  The following tips will help you in keeping your inter-tribal relationship: 

1. One thing you have to understand is that there will always be "Individual Differences" and you have to learn to live with it.  Once you understand this, your number 1 problem is about to be solved. 
2. Avoid statements like  “in my place, we do it like this". This will kill your relationship quickly. 
3.  Be Flexible and ready to learn. Be ready to learn from your partner. New things from the other tribe, the food, the dialect, the way of life and things that matters to them. It will make your relationship interesting as the learning will be fun. 
4. There will always be differences, find a way to settle it amicably. 
5. Ask questions about your partner's tribe. It might not be from him/her, it can be from somebody else from his/her tribe. 
6. When parents 'wahala' comes up, make sure you fight for him/her but before the n, be very sure you can cope and live with your partner to avoid stories that touches the heart. 

Nice one, love "doctoress" Big Grin
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Mehn, I love this ,I need my girlfriend needs to read this wonderful content too Big Grin

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