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to come blogger? learn more bhb launched revolution

MUST READ-  Are You A Blogger? Come In! BHB Revolution To Be Launched! Learn More. ..
Better response on post Are You A Blogger? Come In! BHB Revolution To Be Launched! Learn More. ..[Image: images_5.jpg]


This is for upcoming bloggers, but veterans are also welcome to participate.


BHB, Bloggers Helping Bloggers, is a revolutionary campaign launched by Jdtrendz to tackle the lopsided, unfair and exceedingly biased system perpetrated by the so called BIG SHOTS in the game who have vowed to monopolise the blogging industry. Unlike the American and other civilised bloggers who aid and mentor newbies towards stardom, Nigerian gluttons, called bloggers (some are noble though), prefer to oppress the newbies and support themselves alone. They see blogging as absolute rivalry, but that must change. You ask for help, they ignore; you ask for mentorship, they ignore; you invite them to your blog, they won't honour, but you are always on their blog, they expect you to be!

Blogging is now occultism in Nigeria. Without connection and money, forget blogging no matter the passion you have for it!

[Image: images_4.jpg]


Of course! Jdtrendz will be launching a group called BHB.. The REVOLUTION of blogging has come to Nigeria! The purpose of this is to assist upcoming bloggers achieve their ambition through the creation of robust and solid network. A solo worker's voice might be ignored. But when he/she joins his/her colleagues to form the Labour Union, their voices must be heard in unity!

Your own Labour Union has come! Support yourselves if you have passion for blogging. Help yourselves if you want to be heard. There's no crime if Member A visits member B's blog and Member B returns the favour. There's no crime if both comments on each other's posts. That's what the BIG BROTHERS DO! Blogging is all about reciprocal. It's true that everybody cannot be bloggers, but Jdtrendz BHB Revolutionary Bloggers must succeed!


1. To participate, drop a reply to that effect.

2. You must be active. We need serious minded bloggers only.

3. Only serious bloggers with top-level domains can participate.

4. You must be willing to sacrifice time to visit and comment on other members' blogs.

5. Finally, you must be ready to drop meaningful and related comments on other members' blog, not spammy words, phrases or slang.

Once you show interest, you will be added to the BHB group.


1. It boosts members confidence.
2. It changes their worldview of the Nigerian blogging industry.
3. It reduces success-bounce rates and carrier suicide. No more quitting for the passionate!
4. Helps boost your Alexa ranking.
5. It increases the popularity of your blog.


1. You drop a reply that you are ready, if you wish to participate.

2. You will be added to a private group called BHB, along with others.

3. A forum, called, BLOGGERS HELPING BLOGGERS will be created. Only members of this group will be able to post or see the contents of the group.

4. There, members will introduce themselves, relate with one another and share their blog posts. Every BHB member is expected to visit, read and comment meaningfully on one another's posts.

5. Make sure your commenter's name is the same as your Jdtrendz username.

6. BHB members are also to participate actively on other forums. And once any BHB member makes a post(must be very relevant), every BHB member is expected to visit, read and drop meaningful comments.

7. Betrayals will be banned permanently from the Jdtrendz Community.

8. Links can be posted ONLY in the BLOGGERS HELPING BLOGGERS forum. No links are allowed on other forums. However, if you share any of your valuable contents on jdtrendz, you can drop your link and source and every BHB member must visit and drop comments.

9. Only relevant threads will be approved.

10. Spamming on Jdtrendz is not tolerated and members risk being permanently banned.

11. Posting links on other forums other than the BHB forum will result in the poster being permanently banned.

In conclusion, our aim is to bring smiles on your faces. Please note that this is just an experiment and it is our hope that the end result would be very rewarding! Therefore, I advise you to share this posts with all your blogger friends if you find it very helpful. Don't be guilty of the same offence we accuse others of.


Jdtrendz is an online community where people meet, share ideas, and help one another..
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Better response on post Are You A Blogger? Come In! BHB Revolution To Be Launched! Learn More. ..Am in
Better response on post Are You A Blogger? Come In! BHB Revolution To Be Launched! Learn More. ..Nice innovation bro keep moving forward
Nice keep going forward boss
@Pedro is just too wide ..nice move bro
Better response on post Are You A Blogger? Come In! BHB Revolution To Be Launched! Learn More. ..
(08-21-2017 03:55 PM)cbanklee Wrote: @Pedro is just too wide ..nice move bro

Thanks brother. I sincerely hope this would help reshape the negative mindset most newbies have towards blogging. I have read many comments on various blogs where they unleash their frustration especially regarding traffic and complete inactivity on their blogs. Hopefully, this programme would redefine their tone.
Do you want to purchase credits? Click here!
@Pedro u know am always In anytime anywhere #Am In
Better response on post Are You A Blogger? Come In! BHB Revolution To Be Launched! Learn More. ..Tanks once again and i see this going places This will really shape the world of Blogging #Tanks Pedro Ur a Good Motivator
I like this
pls count me in
Am ready o

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