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diary s£x stingy 20 addict… part

MUST READ-  Diary Of Stingy S£x Addict… Part 20
If i knew what would happen to me that day, i wouldn’t have agreed to such deal. What nonsense…. How could someone fcuk my gf just for 200$ . Well monkey go market and hin no return ooo.
I heard the splatter of glass and noises too. I rushed down the reception and saw blood all over Neyo…..
“wetin happen” I asked..
I saw Bunmi holding a broken bottle and i needed no prophet to tell me i’ve just landed myself in a fresh trouble.
“That is the guy” Neyo pointed at me. Immediately, something like thunder sounded near my ears and i stared seeing flying stars. My ears were humming as if bees are inside. I realised i just got slapped from behind. I was just recuperating from the thunderous slap i just got, i turned to see the wicked devil who used all his powers to slap me, i saw the man i met at the gate… the gateman.
“wetin happen now” i asked.
Gbossaa! That was another slap from the manager of the hotel.
” oh oh, na una dey use ladies for rituals abi”…… Im calling the police. I was about changing the whole issue when he said he is calling the police.
“oga let’s settle this issue now, why are you involving the police” i pleaded.
” i cant believe you could do such nonsense, so you and you’ friend want to use me for rituals abi” Bunmi finally spoke.
My heart melted as if something got removed from my body. I looked into Neyo’s face and saw he was also disappointed at himself. I couldn’t say anything anymore, my confidence had left me.
Neyo got taken care of and his wound were cleaned.
We were both on our way to a room where they plan keeping us when the police came in hilux suvs. They were blaring sirens that you’ll think they are on thier way to sambisa forest.
They came into the hotel with a full force. Although, my face is already heavy and swollen but im sure i saw nothing less than 8 men in black. The mamager gave us to them, Neyo and i got handcuffed together and thrown at the back of one of the hilux. It was as if we were acting a masquerade game. The kind of crowd i saw observing the whole show was enough to vote in a local government chairman.
“wetin una do” one corporal out of those staying with us asked while they vehicle heads to the station.
” oga, na to comot for this palava na hin be the koko now” Neyo answered.
My mouth was just too heavy to answer. Infact, i was already feeling pains on one of my tooth.
We got to the station, well thank God, they didn’t touch us. We were led to the back of the counter. On getting there, i saw Bunmi and the manager of that hotel writting their statement.
On seeing Bunmi, i was moved to go to her and asked why she made me go through such thing, but when this thought rang in my heart, i got another guilty conscience. My heart melted and i blamed myself.
We sat at the back of the counter. Neyo and i side by side.
” guy how this thing take happen” . I asked soberly.
” Abeey, im sorry….. Na me fcvk up”. Neyo answered. I looked at him and i saw tears saddled on his eyes waiting to drop. I felt for him and i blamed myself for his travails even though he was the one who initiated it.
“Just tell me how it went down” i probed further.
” she was so asleep and i had already removed her cloths, i wanted to insert my penniss when my conscience ranged that what i was about doing a wrong thing. I carried her down to the bathroom and poured water on her, that was when she slowly woke up. She went back into the room and sat down. I was still nakedd and i went into the room. On sighting me what she started doing was how she started shouting that i had raped her. I was trying to keep her quiet and to tell her what really went down. The next thing was that she had picked the empty bottle of my beer, broke it and stabbed me on my hand here.” He showed me the wound and it was not too deep but definitely a cut.
” when is your flight ?” i asked.
“Wednesday” he answered.
” Today is sunday, how are we going to do it now.. Im also going to work tomorrow”.
Neyo and i brainstormed a lititle and we called a corporal to come. We asked him what is going to happen to us according to the offence levied against us. He told us to relax that the lady said she wasn’t raped but the DPO said he wanted us to use at least 3days there and also pay.
We got so happy about the truth been uncovered but sad over the issue of DPO wanting to discipline us.
We asked further if we could settle ourselves out of the situation. He told us to hang on that he is going to meet the DPO.
It wasnt up to 10minutes when he came back to tell us if we can arrange 20,000 naira each.
“What!” i screamed.
Neyo kept his cool and told the guy to bring his phone that he was going to transfer the 40k.
My mouth was kept ajaw when he said this. Its was as if i havnt heard such amount before in my life. Even if i have such money, how can i pay it when i know i would be left at the end of the day. Well, it wasnt my money though and i have m

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