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rules jdtrendz forum

MUST READ-  Jdtrendz Forum Rules
Better response on post Jdtrendz Forum RulesSmiley face

Jdtrendz is a user based community, where people meet, share ideas and help one another. Hence, we admonish our members to be cooperative, bearing in mind that this is a public platform. Thus, to achieve this goal, we need your understanding of the following forum rules:


1. A permanent ban awaits anyone who uploads or posts any content linking to phishing or scam sites; contents/files plagued with malware, viruses, backdoors, and any other files capable of inflicting damage on other members.

2. Respect others:
2.1 Abusive/hate language, foul words, racism and bigotry are strongly prohibited.

2.2 Posting out of topic, spamming/bumping;

2.3 Posting fake or expired methods/tools or tutorials will result in the member being banned and the affected topic deleted

3.1 Writing Style – members are expected to post in a way that is easily legible, mature and comprehensible.

3.2 Posting topics that are off point or reckless usage of fonts, colours, sizes, punctuation and caps lock will risk the poster to a warning. 

4. All links should be coded between
[code ] yourLinkHere [ /code]

5. Do not post a password protected file without the password.

6. Do NOT sell any file in the forum. To sell an item, click on the "Sell Item" button and follow the simple instructions.

7. Your Avatar MUST NOT contain porn, sex or abuse of any kind. 

8. Posting any personal information of other members are not allowed. (Login data, passwords, email, IP, home address, IM accounts, in-game nicknames, etc).

9. Sharing of adult content is forbidden!

10. Do not beg for any donations. If you have no money, play lottery; sell an item or simply interact in the forum as that's the easiest way to earn!

11. All topics requesting for themes MUST be posted in the "Request Theme" forum. Failure will result in the entire topic being deleted. If you don't have credits to post, then purchase or try the forum's other features to raise credits

12. Topics should be posted in their correct forums.

13. No posting of links which refer to or any other URL-shortening sites. Always use a direct link.

14. Discussion, depiction or promotion of child sexuality, abuse, exploitation and/or related topics that may be harmful to or threaten the security of a child and/or minor is not permitted.

15. Cyber stalking is frown at here.

16. Henceforth, no copied article would ever grace the front page. Any front page article found wanting will be brought down. However, articles with a reputable source or articles thoroughly rewritten will be considered. Unique articles are perfect.

17. We shall delete copied articles without source from Jdtrendz community. This is done to save the forum from being deranked or punished by search engines.

18. Downloads such as themes, plugins, scripts, etc copied from other sites MUST have a source.

19. Always share what you read on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Just click the share button

20. Members are not allowed to share any items that require credits to download. Any member who goes against this shall be banned forthwith! .

21. Once placed on ban, you cannot transfer nor withdraw your credits. If the ban is permanent, your credit will be ceased permanently.

22. Do not send admins/mods private messages for support. If you have any problem or need something like scripts, codes, etc, create a thread. Any such messages will be ignored.

23. Posting of Examination Expo is NOT allowed on Jdtrendz. Violators risk being BANNED PERMANENTLY!
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Wow lots of rules Mr Pedro
We will keep that in mind
Better response on post Jdtrendz Forum Rules
(05-14-2017 06:58 PM)hemelse Wrote: Wow lots of rules Mr Pedro
We will keep that in mind

Hehe. .
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nice 1
Please how can I post on Jdtrendz I can't posts I was told to correct Errors and I don't see any error in my post
Ban reason: For promoting examination malpractice. (Permanent)
(09-13-2017 12:00 PM)Examblow Wrote: Please how can I post on Jdtrendz I can't posts I was told to correct Errors and I don't see any error in my post

Because you posted a link..
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Hmmm Smile
Nice one but the rule are much
Better response on post Jdtrendz Forum RulesGreat bro
Nice one☺
Hmm too much rules
Very good
nice one bro

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