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ummzafeerah short sophisaster story

MUST READ-  {short Story} Sophisaster By Ummzafeerah
Better response on post {short Story} Sophisaster By UmmzafeerahWhen you want sophisticated and classy it does not go beyond zafeerah. She had the longest legs you’d see, her skin shone like gold, well arranged set of teeth, an oval face, a pink lip and a one sided dimple to complete the charm.
She was the definition of beauty, she was charming and that was me.
Although I would not say my parents belonged to the upper social class I was still an AJEBO. I had only seen wooden spoons though not exactly born with a silver spoon.
Normally a girl as beautiful as I was played hard to get, it was all part of being classy.
I was standing on the balcony of our lecture theatre when I saw him. He was not in any way handsome or cool, he was just like every other guy, still he caught my attention.
When I noticed him climbing the stairs and coming towards me I stylishly looked away and acted like I never saw him in the first place.
“Excuse me beautiful, do you happen to be a damsel in distress? I am a knight ready to raise his sword and come to your rescue” he said. I turned and thought….. Good with words, I think am liking him. Smiling I said “Am no damsel in distress, and your armour ain’t visible. All I see us a shirt and jean” “I’m saleem ” was his reply.
“I am zafeerah and I must say I’m impressed you’re good with words “.
Saleem became my friend a very good friend or that was what we told ourselves although it was glaring that this went beyond friendship.
Six months into our supposed friendship, saleem visited my house (lodge) we talked about everything and anything meanwhile there was this strange energy in the air.
He said something really funny that made me laugh, I had to hold onto him to keep from falling over as I laughed hard. I could not tell why or how it happened but I found myself kissing him and it was getting intense by the seconds.
The dinger kept ringing in my head but I ignored it, he was worth it, he was worth my virginity after all.
Bit by bit the fire was getting hotter until it’s whole flame consumed me. The mixed sweat, the racing hearts, the tingle of his touch all fueled my lustful need until the pleasurable pain made me see rainbows.
I woke up just before 7:30pm alone on my blood stained bedsheets, I smiled as it all rushed back into my memory.
Crawling like a snake I made it to the bathroom, as I could not trust my legs to carry me, I ached all over. Even with the sordid I still smiled.
30minutes later I was in front of my dressing mirror humming to my favourite song, the world was colour filled how come I never noticed?
My phone beeped interrupting my thoughts, it was a message from saleem. I smiled as I opened the message.
“hi there beautiful. I had a blast! OMG you’re a Honeywell, I wouldn’t mind a second time but too bad this has to end now.
My friends call you iron butterfly but now I see you’re just as clueless as every other butterfly. Thanks to you I won the bet price of 10thousand naira. One last advice, guide your private jealousy……. It’s a goldmine.
Brave knight signing out. ”
I surprised myself by out shrilling my previous shrills “that bastard” I managed to say with enough venom to poison even me. In the twinkle of an eye I’ve gone from sophisticated to sophisaster, I thought surprised at my own jackassery.

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