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you? fit laptop mini computers what’s right

Mini Laptop Computers – What’s The Right Fit For You?
There are now many different types of mini laptop computers out there to suit every one. It’s easy to get confused with all the different specifications of mini notebook out there. Mini laptops actually come in different categories. If you’re planning to get a mini laptop, knowing the specifications of these different categories can help you narrow down your choices. Below is a basic guide on the different types of mini laptops available today.

[Image: PicsArt_07-20-01.15.10.jpg]

Mini Laptop Computer Categories

*.UMPC- The iPad and tablet PCs are examples of the UMPC. UMPC stands for ultramobile PC. These mini laptop computers are seen as handheld computers that can run most of the applications you would have in a regular laptop. They usually have 5 to 7 inch monitors and are usually controlled by stylus or touch screen.

However, there are certain disadvantages to UMPC. Their lack of a physical keyboard limits their usability. They are also quite expensive and not very practical for everyday use
*.Netbooks- The netbook is a mini laptop computer that has a screen size of 7 to 12 inches. They literally look like miniature laptops. They’re inexpensive, they have good battery life, and they’re ideal for basic computer functions and web surfing.

[Image: PicsArt_07-20-01.14.55.jpg]

One of the main disadvantages of netbook is their size. Their keyboards and touch pads are often so small that it difficult to work on these mini notebooks for long periods of time. They don’t have optical drives and their hard drives are low capacity. The amounts of files that you can save are quite limited. You also wouldn’t be able to install and run any new applications like in a regular laptop. But if you’re the type of person who plans to use a mini laptop mainly for web surfing, then a netbook would be ideal.

*.Thin-and-Light- The thin-and-light laptop is a cross between the mini laptop computer and a regular laptop. It’s really small with all the power and the benefits of a regular laptop. It has a screen size of 13 inches; the size of a regular laptop, but it’s so light and compact you can easily carry it anywhere. It’s as affordable as most mini laptops but with all the processing power and hard drive capacity of a regular laptop
The Mini Laptop Computer – Laptops of The Future
The mini laptop computer might well be the type of laptop most of us will be carrying in the future. It is portable, affordable and quite versatile. Just a few years back, most people considered mini laptops as expensive toys or fads.

They’re nice to look at but they’re not really functional.

But now, the mini laptop computer is bouncing back from its bad reputation. And the line between full-sized laptops and mini laptops is blurring. Looking at the current models of laptops, it looks like they’re looking more and more like mini laptops.

Mini laptop computers are popular nowadays because their portability. They’re also just as versatile, useful and powerful as regular laptops. Another advantage of these mini laptops is their price; they’re more affordable compared to most laptops.

Written By Pedro
Which Pedro? I am not the writer o. Please investigate the source of the article and put the right author. shocked

Thanks for sharing anyway.
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