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ego jolade opinion alter my omotola quot

My Opinion On "alter Ego" By Omotola Jolade
I am a fan of Cinemas, in fact I will pick Cinema over shopping.
I was able to see 'Alter Ego" by Omotola Jolade.

I have a problem with the story line.

The story line is about a child that was sexually molested by her teacher when she was in school and she grew up to love sex and even stoop so low to have sex with her drivers. She even had sex with her younger sister's husband. In the movie, a successful lawyer(not really because she always use 'Alter' to win her case), she couldn't resist the sight of guys with nice body structure.

Lol...I find it very funny.
Most kids that were sexually molested grew up to hate men, hate sex and even don't wish to get married. Sometimes, they end up as lesbians.

The story line is contradictory to what is really happening in real life. Although, I did not regret watching or wasting my money but it keeps me wondering why the story is like that.

Or maybe what I usually read about those kids that were sexually assaulted is not true after all.
You are 80% percent correct. Sexually molested women sometimes end up being lesbians or hating men.. But the remaining 20%, you know, there are exceptions to the rules sometimes...

Nice review!
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