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jdtrends aim joining my

My aim for joining JDTRENDS
My name is Cbanklee, I love blogging ,web designing and
that's my main aim of joining this forum. To tell you the
fact, i only know a little about web designing ,programming and that's why i came here so you guys can help build me up.....
I know you have you own main reasons and purpose why you joint the forum.. tell us why you jointed forum ??
The reason I joined Jdtrendz is to help people harness their full potential in their legit pursuit. Trust me, the success of our members is the success of this forum.

So let's hear from other members @patrick @hemelse @Chrisberry @dhilariousdandy and others. ..
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Am dj chrisberry a blogger , a web designer and also a music promoter, my main aim of joining these forum was to get build up by you guys since i have few knowledge on web designing , and hope to learn programming , also join to know new stuffs and whats trending in the blogging world
The reason I join JDtrendz is to work hand in hand with other members so as to gain more knowledge and also share thoughts together ..and also make the forum better
at first, I was a guest viewer, but I like the topic and joined hoping to learn more from the community and share what I have too....yes, I am a blogger too (fisheries)
everybody with differ!! this is lovely
Nice thread... well, I'm a freelancer, blogger and Internet marketer, I'm the type that loves to render help in any way that I can, even when I'm not familiar with what the issue at hand might be, I still tried my possible best to be of help, just to build my online reputation... For that reason, I joined this noble forum cos of two things.

1. To render help

2. To learn new things in the internet world, one can not know everything, there is what you know that I don't know, and there's a little I know that you don't know, that's what makes us difference.

It would be great if we all will pour out a little of what we know or have learnt so far to make this forum a better place to be..

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