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poetry engagement quot sacred pedro

[Poetry]- "SACRED ENGAGEMENT" By Pedro -
The sudden glamouring of the lonely seas,
Through the meadows to an altar so tender.
The wind sang with its most shrilly sound,
Fine rhymes, verdant lyring than envy ears could woo.

Myself and this damsel danced entwined,
To April's tender music- through the archway,
Of the temple's cord:
To the Veteran priest in his sacred vestment...

O blue bells ringing, O blue birds singing,
And drowsy feet full of tumbling waves.
O magic verse! O soothing songs!
To all, and all, caught in the maze-enchantment,
And my twittering maiden's eyes,
So pure and sparkling out-gracious lights...

"I will sing my songs alone'' she said no!
"I will sing my songs alone too" I said no!
"How then will you sing them?" A lone bird asked;

Our voices upon the mountain's height,
And the adders-green lily amid the barren moor,
And thy tolling tears, with so deadly a grasp,
Shall my happiness cull,
Until our hearts ills shall our own illness be
And together shall we sing,
Upon our magic bed of SACRED ENGAGEMENT,
To tender the world's lulling roses,
With our flowery spells...

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Smile Nice one!
(09-21-2017 09:51 AM)Topkeh Wrote: Smile Nice one!

Thanks Big Grin
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