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some mybb useful use codes templates

Some Mybb Useful Codes That You Can Use In Your Templates
Better response on post Some Mybb Useful Codes That You Can Use In Your TemplatesHello friends,
Here are some useful template codes for MyBB you can use in your themes.

These i found on web , author unknown.
Hope these help you guys.

{$welcomeblock} - Include welcomeblock (user/guest view of the member bit)
{$mybbversion} - Displays softwares version
{$modcplink} - Displays link to Mod CP
{$admincplink} - Displays link to Admin CP (exclude for clients safety - reinstate it if requested)

{$mybb->settings['bbname']} - Displays boards name
{$mybb->settings['bburl']} - Displays URL to the board (use always when you have to link to something)
{$mybb->settings['homename']} - Displays homepage name (the one in the footer's menu)
{$mybb->settings['homeurl']} - Displays URL to the homepage site (the one in the footer's menu)

{$mybb->user['username']} - Displays users username
{$mybb->user['usertitle']} - Displays users usertitle
{$mybb->user['uid']} - Displays users UID (User ID)
{$mybb->user['avatar']} - Displays URL of the users avatar
{$mybb->user['lastvisit']} - Displays users last visit (date and time)
{$mybb->user['totalpms']} - Displays the total number of users messages (unread + read)
{$mybb->user['unreadpms']} - Displays number of users unread messages
{$mybb->user['postnum']} - Displays the users post count
{$mybb->user['logoutkey']} - Displays users logout key (used to logout successfully)

{$theme['imgdir']} - Displays themes image dirrectory
{$theme['imglangdir']} - Displays language specific theme image dirrectory
{$theme['tid']} - Displays the themes ID number
{$theme['logo']} - Displays themes logo
{$theme['borderwidth']} - Displays themes borderwidth number
{$theme['tablespace']} - Displays themes tablespace number

{$forum['name']} - Displays forums title
{$forum['description']} - Displays forums description
{$forum['url']} - Displays forums URL
{$forum['fid']} - Displays forums ID number
Nice one bro
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