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some 101 programming applications and languages

Some Programming Languages And Their Applications - Programming 101
Welcome to our series of 'Programming 101' today we are going to discuss on some programming languages and their uses (applications) Lets get started..

[Image: %255BUNSET%255D.jpg]

Before we proceed look and the image below.

[Image: %255BUNSET%255D]

You can remember in our last discussion we talked on learning the basics , well the image above is the basic of any programmer even if they are not recognised as programming languages one needs to master them . Having master HTML, CSS and most of all JavaScript , you can then research on what to learn based on what you want.

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Below Is a compilation of few out of thousands programming languages and what they are use for..

1. PHP - Hyper Preccessor Is believed to be the most popular languages used for creating web based apps i.e Website,Content Management Scripts (e.g WordPress) , Forum Scripts like PhpBB Are all powered By PHP. So if you know what you want to do as a programmer is web development and you have master the basics (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) , you can go ahead and start learning PHP.

Uses - Creating Dynamic Web Based Applications.

2. Python - What A weird name for a Powerful programming languages , Python is with no doubt taking the place of PHP in the web development world with ability to create but online and offline based web applications . One thing i will about python is that its simple and easy to learn .

For Creating Web based Applications.
For Creating Mobile Applications.

3. Objective-C - The primary programming language for iOS apps, Objective-C is used to build apps that are robust and scalable.

Uses - For Creating iOS based applications.

4. Swift - Swift is another great language for iOS apps developers, Swift is an advancement of the objective-c language designed to eliminate some flaws in the objective-c language.

Uses - For creating iOS applications.

5. C++ - This is the most used and appropriate programming language when it comes to building mobile apps for Android and Windows- and, mainly for low-level programming.


For Building Android Mobile Applications
For Building Windows Applications

6. C# - Main Programming Language for Microsoft , Just like objective-c and swift dedicated to Apple iOS based apps C# is the ideal programming language for Microsoft Mobile Apps Developers..

Uses - For Building Microsoft Mobile Apps

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Some Programming Languages And Their Applications - Programming 10100