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works blog spamming how

TUTORIAL- New method for Spamming To get traffic- How It Works!
Better response on post New method for Spamming To get traffic- How It Works!You are wondering what is is all about!
Its just as the name implies, SPAMMING!!

Spamming means posting what is not relevant on a page (definition in terms of blogging). it is when people are discussing about Topic A and you are saying B. you see it isn't relevant.

but do you know this can help you blog in terms of traffic?

okay, before that. you should know that when spamming occurs, it might lead to ban. but not in all cases. that's what I will lecture you on this morning.

yesterday I shared an eBook on how I started getting 2250+ daily page views on my blog, if you missed that, here's a link to the eBook post

Today again, i will another way to generate traffic, which is through spamming.
You can't spam your website. No, else you are making excessive in bound linking.

How do I spam a site without been banned?

these is through your relevant spamming, don't understand?
okay, here it is:
assuming the discussion is on flowers and your blog is about batteries, be it phones or laptop's. you see these two niches contradicts one another.
now to spam the flower site, you need to be a member to that site.
now think of a anchor text that will capture only the readers, yes not the site anymore.

example: all visitors on that flower site are either on mobile or laptop or desktop.

crave your anchor text like this:

Do you discover your battery drains more while browsing? or your ups ain't lasting long anymore? this is a lasting solution for you: post your link and give a short description of what you offer.

that's just it, believe me, there is always a click for you....

simple right?
then that's a new traffic driving work for you..

hope it helped!!

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