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why costs blogging count

TUTORIAL- Why Count the Costs before Blogging
Just recently, I discover a large fact online especially in the blogging world and it took place during the period of November 2016 – till date, there has been different bloggers here and there jumping from one niche to the other, maybe I should say they are test running all the niches.
The funny part is after a month or less, some of them loose interest because of some reasons like traffic, they can’t write original contents, they don’t have time to be updating their blog and so on which will be discussed later on as you read on.
Somenewbloggers now, stood up one day and jump into blogging without thinking. Then, some blogger has issues dealing with HTML, CSS and PHP. In other words, it was just about impossible for beginners to just start a blog or website without having knowledge on HTML, CSS and PHP years back.
That’s why there were so few bloggers back in the early days. The barrier to entry was so high.
Luckily, in 2015/2016 till date, making a blog is easier than ever. But still, blogging could still be a nightmare if you do not count the cost.
What cost? You may wonder different things like is it: ‘moneyto purchase domain?’ ‘moneyto host?’ ‘moneyto run adverts’ etc just to mention few things, I tell you that counting the cost is very important to consider and it does not just fall intomoneyalone, what about Time to type new/original contents, time to reply comments/questions, knowledge to combine ideas to satisfy your audience, finding solution to their problems etc.
I combined this information just in two segments with some sub – segment fact that you might not focus on or you might over look:
2.Finance (money)
3.Choosing host and a branded name for your blog or business
listed above are cheap things that we might not consider to be very important but they play a key role to the success of growing your blog also it can help any online business as well.
Creating a blog is now very simple and easy. Google has made blogging very simple and easy with the use ofBloggeryou can create a free blog and you can later on buy domain after setup, within an hour or less you could just finish a blog with less cost. Creating a blogisn’t an issue but the issue is the quality time spent in to maintain it, time to post fresh contents, time to reply comments, solve a problem or provide a cure and answer your audience questions.
Without quality time you cannot do all that mentioned, many failed to consider these factorsabove before jumping in to blogging world. Funny to say this, i was once like them too when I started blogging as at then, I was schooling and you know assignments, projects and chatting with friends in high school needs to be attended, while my blog has to suffer loneliness both from me not publishing fresh contents, not sharing, traffic reduction.
At the end I got to quite blogging because I failed to count the cost of time at the beginning point before running in to create a blog. Though it was fun blogging at first, but after sometimes it became too tiring and boring, no comment, no followers, less traffic and the rest. It was a blast of failure, I don’t want it to happen again to me or you, that why you need to count the cost of time before blogging.
Many failed to consider this aspect when jumping to blogging. The cheapest aspect is buying a domain and to host, without considering marketing, advertising, paying for sponsored post and so on.
Everyone lovefree things no one want to spend much especially on online stuff. I have to let you know that free things kill. I read lot of blogs, especially one that has to do with ‘ How to make money online’ but I don’t want to spend to start a blog.
It has never been fun to spend money on something you are not sure about whether it will yield success or not. As I said earlier, that it easy to spend on starting a blog but how about maintaining the blog? It very important you count the cost before embarking to the blogging world.
Choosing a brand name that suit your blog or business
Could be something of great important to the success to online business, but let focus more on choosing brand name. For a blog, the brand name is your domain name. Does your domain name or business name tell the kind of niche or product/services you run, or tell what your blog can offer or what others can gain from it? It very unfortunate that many do not consider these combined question but I tell you, it plays a role. Consider names (branded names) like Jobberman, Ngjob, Gr8jobng etc. what do you discover from this three names? They are all brand to offer jobs. So, when you are in search of JOB online or you come across this site you can easily know what the site offers.
Right now I know some of you will make changes next time. In conclusion to that, I generously warn not only new bloggers, it also applicable to new business owners, to always draw a plan, count the cost ahead of time so that you will know if to jump into blogging.
True talk
Brilliant piece!
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