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Top 5 Reasons Computers Crash: How Not To Be A Victim
This article will give us more insights about the top reasons computers crash and how not to be a victim . If you love computers as much as I do, a
computer crash would be the last thing you want to happen to you. This is not because I am a web-head that spends a lot of time in front of a computer everyday, but because I can not afford to lose my stored vital data and believe me; I have other things to spend money on, than to give any engineer for repair or replacement. I do everything possible to protect my PC and prevent it from crashing using some handy techniques that I discovered after the experience with my first computer which crashed within a year after purchase.

5) Bad RAM: Our elementary school teachers already taught us the meaning of RAM and what it does. we once wrote about the differences between RAM and processor speed and which one is the most important in the work rate of a computer.

But what can a bad RAM cause?. A bad RAM could slow down the rate of data processing of a computer and as well as makes computers lose their memory suddenly, leading to a blue screen which forcefully shut down the computer. This will later result in a crash Hard Disk or corrupt Operating System.
Precaution: Make sure a good RAM is installed on your PC and replace with correct RAM in the case of a bad RAM.

4) Viruses: Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses etc are the major malwares that can cause computer crash. Just like the way AIDS, Malaria and Fever would frustrate human and can lead to death; computer viruses could cause a lot of damage to your computer and even cause a computer crash.

Viruses can modify computer registry, deleted files and corrupt Operating Systems.
Precaution: Install a strong Anti-virus and update it regularly. Never accept flash drive from an untrusted clients but you can use a CD instead. Above all, do a full scan of your PC atleast once in a month.

3) Power Surge : In a third world country where power supply is erratic. It can be annoying that you may not get power supply for a week; only for the power to damage your PC when it is eventually supplied due to power surge.

Precaution: Never plug your computer in wait for power to be supplied. Power supply after a long outage can surge above the regular voltage required by your Personal Computer. If you use a desktop, using an inverter is recommended.

2) Over-Heating: I gave Over-Heating the second position on the list because I see it as one of the major reasons for computer crash.

Computer parts are mainly made of metal and plastics. The metal part usually a copper conducts a lot of heat. If the heat is not regulated, it can make the processor to forcefully shutdown during operation, leading to Hard disk damage or even burn the processor.

Precaution: Always operate your computer in a cool environment. Shut down when you discover the heat from the underside of the computer is much. This allows the processor to cool down.
You can also check to see if the internal fan in your computer is working effectively.

1) Dust: Yes! dust is the number one on the list. Dust got this position because I found out that this tinny particles in our environment is the greatest culprit causing damage to our computer. The reason being that dust has the ability to penetrate the space inside computer and block the connections between components; leading to partial contact and short-circuit in components.

Precaution : Always keep your computer away from dust and take your computer (especially a laptop) to an engineer for servicing if you hear any irregular noise inside your computer or you see something like dust or smoke oozing out from the fin side (fan area) of the computer.

Since you now know the reasons computers crash. Ignorance is no more an excuse for being a victim of a crash computer. Have a nice weekend and please comment below if you have any question.

Wow! This is quite interesting....Lesson taken! Thanks for this info bro

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