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prt love story 1 ever best

WOW- best love story ever prt 1
A brief story, the beginning of a vacation. As is usual in my stories, the places named and described are real. The people? Well, . . . .


Ellen and I had been married for a long time, 36 years now, and 36 years changes people. We'd gone from two skinny people to two not-so-skinny parents, and now, in my early sixties and her late fifties, well we looked our ages. My barely-B-cup-bride had gone to a C, and then a D, as she had chunked up to 197 lb. I had no real room to complain, since I had added 50 lb to my 180 lb wedding day weight. One thing that Ellen could do was cook, and as a stay-at-home mom, she had plenty of time to do it. The Food Network was on the television, a lot, and my wife tried a lot of recipes she saw on TV. Trisha Yearwood, Ree Drummond and Giada De Laurentiis were on the boob tube a lot, and in Giada's case, boob tube was exactly correct: Ellen watched the cooking, and I watched Giada's always-on-display cleavage!

I'll admit it: I haven't exactly been the perfect husband. Oh, I worked, and worked hard, every day, and brought home enough money to support our family without Ellen having to work. Trouble is, like every guy, I notice cute women, and I'm too much of a flirt. That's usually all it ever is, but, if you've read the Out with Cindy story in the Exhibitionist section, you'll know that when women flirt back, I've yielded to temptation. If Ellen ever cheated on me, I've never found out about it, not that I'd have any room to complain if she had.

Our marriage survived my dalliance with Cindy – and it turned out that Cindy's didn't survive – but if Ellen forgave me, she never forgot about it. A couple of months after she found out about Cindy, our sex life resumed.

Thing is, time and weight gain and kids had taken a toll on our sex lives. Where we'd once been fairly uninhibited – our friends caught us once, when we yelled "Just a minute" as they knocked on our door, thought we'd said "Come on in," and found us going at it dog-style on the living room floor – Ellen clammed up after we had kids. Once we had kids in the house, Ellen ceased being vocal at all during sex. Where once she told me what she wanted, now I had to read gestures; where once she'd tell me when she was coming, now her face and body language were my only clues.

Before weight and kids, Ellen would sometimes get the ball rolling; after we had children, I can remember only one time that she started things, just getting up and sitting on my face one evening. That turned out to be a memorable night, even though it was a clammed-up silent one.

I don't know if it was my affair with Cindy (in 2002) that motivated her, but in 2005 she decided that she would have weight-loss surgery. That wasn't easy on her, but eventually Ellen dropped from the 197 lb she'd topped out at – and I think she was proud that she'd never hit 200 – down to a size 6. I didn't have any excuses anymore, and had to start losing weight myself, which wasn't fun, because I'm a big eater. Nevertheless, I got down to 200 lb, which I can easily carry on my 6'2" frame.

That helped our sex life, a lot. I was always attracted to Ellen, even when she was heavy, but things got better when she lost the weight. Oh, we still had kids at home, so everything was always as not-a-sound as we could make it, which isn't all that easy in a 125-year-old house with creaky floors. Once I had dropped thirty pounds, maybe I was looking better to Ellen as well.

Still, I sure didn't look like I was 25 anymore! My hair was mostly grey, and there wasn't quite as much of it as there was before. There was some lose flesh on me, both from dropping weight and just the natural loss of elasticity at my age. Ellen's hair was all grey – and had been since her late forties – and losing seventy pounds had left her with a lot of looser skin. Her formerly D cup boobs were smaller now, but the bigger size and gravity had taken their toll, and the bride who often left her bra at home would never, ever leave the house without it now. The butt that used to look so cute in a thong was now kind of wrinkled and unshapely.
Making love? As newlyweds, it was almost every day! As younger parents, it was less frequent, two, maybe three times a week. Now? Twice a month, if we were lucky; there was always something else that just had to get done, and we didn't have the same sleeping schedules, either; to arise at 5:00 AM, I was usually in bed by 9:30 in the evening, while Ellen came to bed well after I was asleep, and I was already off to work before she arose in the morning. Truthfully, we hadn't made love on a weekday in years and years, unless we were on vacation.

It was the summer of 2012, and Ellen and I decided for vacation that we'd take a truck-and-camping trip up through New England. There was no specific itinerary; Ellen planned our vacation, as much actual planning as was done, and I didn't have any real idea where we were going, other than northeast.

At any rate, we packed the camping gear in my truck, and took off, our first actual vacation without the kids, ever. Our first stop – I picked it, since Ellen hadn't planned it – was Milford, Pennsylvania, only a bit more than an hour from home. We were just walking through the town, an old village with a lot of beautiful homes, but it was pleasant, holding hands and being actually romantic for the first time in a long time.

Afternoon came, and it was time to find a camp site. There is a campground to the south of Milford, in the Delaware Water Gap, called Dingman's, and we rented a space there. Setting up the tent was easy, us having done it several times before. There was the standard fire-ring on the ground, and I built a nice fire; we cooked steaks on the grill.

The evening was nice, and our typical non-television evening was reading. We both had our Kindles – I have charging ports in my truck – and read and chatted before heading for the tent. While we do have sleeping bags, in warmer weather we usually just inflate an air mattress – yup, I have a blower to inflate them, which plugs into the truck – and throw a padded sheet over that, with sheets and a thin comforter (if needed) to put over the top of us. We had the screens closed on the tent, but the weather flaps open, and there was a cooler-than-expected-for-July breeze coming through, just enough to make the night comfortable.

Bedtime started with a few soft kisses, and I had some pretty high hopes for the night. Then we heard it: it started to rain, which drums hard against a tent. I closed the weather flaps, and then soft kisses became more passionate ones. It wasn't long before Ellen put her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down, letting me know that she was ready for me to eat her pussy.

And I did! I'm pretty good at that, and Ellen was coming, and coming sooner than was usual for her. I was still eating her when she grabbed my hands, telling me how much pressure and speed she wanted with the tension in her arms. I took those clues, and it wasn't long at all before she was getting close.

When Ellen gets close, her signals are clear: I have to lift up my body, because she jams her legs together tightly, and then arches her body, pressing her pussy up hard against my mouth. And, for the first time in forever, I could hear her, hear her moaning out an "Mmmmmggghhh" as her orgasm was almost there, and an almost strangled cry as it overtook her.

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