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you? see replies marry woman older years funny 25

WOW- can you marry a woman 25 years older than you? see funny replies
we or know France is a very funny country when it comes to romance, once again they have shocked the world with a new romance story.

Emmanuel Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux, 24 years his senior, who was his teacher in La Providence High School in Amiens. They first met when he was a 15-year-old student in her class, and she was 39, but were officially a couple only after he turned 17.

His parents initially attempted to separate the couple by sending him away to Paris to finish the final year of his schooling, as they felt his youth made this relationship inappropriate , but the couple stayed together after he graduated, and they married in 2007.

Macron has three stepchildren, two of whom are older than he is: Sébastien (born 1975), Laurence (born 1977), and Tiphaine (born 1984). president Emmanuel Macron of France is 39 while his wife is 64. his step-son is 3 years older than him.

replies from Nigerians
“Nothing, except witchcraft,” replied Azu, a newspaper Editor without blinking.” I dey craze? Woman don finish for market? It cannot happen. Macron’s a strange man. He has no explanation. He shouldn’t have married her. She should have been anything to him but a wife. Unless I’m not in my senses and a witch hypnotizes me to do that. She has lived all her life, had her children, even grandchildren but he has none. He’s even richer, so it wouldn’t have been her assets. I don’t understand it. He has nothing from her. No child. Not her money. So, what was that? Witchcraft? I don’t know.”
But Emeka, an economist said he would have married a woman 24-years older given the current circumstances and given another opportunity.
“Life is about assets and liabilities. If I had married in the last ten years, I would have weighed the assets and liabilities of the woman and the assets have to be heavier. That’s what women consider anyway. It’s only the men that don’t think along that line but in the last ten years, men have changed to marrying assets other than liabilities. Those that married about 20 years ago would not consider assets but things have changed. What’s the big deal about ‘fine face’ or fine girl? That was in the past. Now, men marry assets in a changing world.”
For Kingsley, a Realtor, if he were getting married now, he would have married an asset. “ The way I see it, the only reason Macron could have married Brigitte was because she was an asset to him. I married a younger woman then but if it were now, I would have considered her assets and not her age before popping the question. But I don’t understand Macron. If he was an investment banker and she was a teacher, that means he was richer than Brigitte. It’s a bit weird because I don’t know what was the attraction. She has kids and he doesn’t. He’s richer, so I don’t understand him. If I would marry an older woman, there must be something in that relationship for me but I don’t see anything for the French president-elect. Someone else would have said only a strange man would do that.”
Gbenga, a political journalist would not have that kind a relationship with any woman. “ I can’t, even if she is the richest woman in the world. I don’t have eyes for old women. I have seen Nigerian guys living Overseas who marry old women to get their papers but once that is done, the relationship ends although some still remain married. But they are few. Infact, I have a friend living in the United States. He’s young like me and his wife is over sixty. He married her for his papers but he’s planning to come home and marry a real wife because he wants to have children. That kind of thing can never work for me.”
Reminded that United States President, Donald Trump is also 24 years older than his wife, he shook his head and said that was understandable. “But that is for them and not for me”
For Charles who’s in his 30s ,”at my current age, if I add 24 years to it and bearing other considerations, I would marry her if she’s rich, God-fearing and we share the same values. Reason being that I can operate on the same page with her to a bearable extent. With that, the two of us can fly”.
But Cliff, in his 40s said such a woman is too old for him.”Part of the reason for getting married is to have children. If she cannot have children for me, I cannot marry her. But we can be friends. Look, I can marry a woman five years older or thereabout but certainly not 24 years older.”
Adeseri looked at it from a spiritual angle. Looking at the cradle of creation of woman and how Eve was made from Adam, he reasoned that the wife ought to be younger.
“I believe a man’s wife is created from his ribs. So, she cannot be older. I don’t think Brigitte Trogneux is Macron’s real wife. His real wife cannot be older because she ought to have been made from his ribs. That’s the Biblical position. But if they are in my church, I will counsel them and if they insist, I will wed them. But that would be after telling them the truth: from the ribs.”
Looking at the scenario, Chioma, 34, happily married with four children said she cannot marry a man 24 years older.
“ I won’t be happy with such a man. He’s too old and marriage is about being happy. That he is a president won’t change my mind. I would rather marry a much younger man.”
Well, when there's love, anything is possible
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mehn i no fit oh na my mama age mate b dat
I no fit ooo

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