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Ways To Find Out How Much Traffic A Blog Gets
There are numerous reasons you might want to find out how much traffic a blog gets. Perhaps you are interested in researching blogs that compete in the same niche as a website you own. Maybe you are considering starting a new blog, and you want to research the niche to see if there is enough interest in the topic for your new website to be viable. Perhaps you want to grow the traffic to a blog that you own. Maybe you’re curious about how much traffic some of the big media publishers’ websites get.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to find out traffic data, there are tools and resources available that can give you a general idea of a website’s metrics. Unless you own or manage the actual website, you’re probably not going to be able to pinpoint the visitor count or pageviews with certainty.

However, you can get an estimated idea of the site’s popularity overall.

1. ALEXA.COM RANKINGS tracks website visitor traffic rankings for many websites on the Internet. Their data is not completely accurate, because it involves flawed methodology. Alexa ranks websites based on how much traffic they get from users who have chosen to install the Alexa toolbar. Alexa toolbar users are a small minority of website users, which makes the data somewhat skewed. However, basic Alexa data is free to the public and easy to obtain, and it does give you insights you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Comscore publishes a number of different traffic reports. Their reports tend to cover only the largest publishers, and they include metrics by country for websites with the highest traffic numbers. This can be useful if you are interested in learning about how much traffic the most prominent websites on the Internet are generating.

If a website is using the BuySellAds platform for generating advertising revenue, the site’s ad impressions are disclosed in the BuySellAds marketplace.

Many websites make their metrics available to potential advertisers via press kits, media kits or “advertise here” pages. These pages typically might include data about the number of unique visitors, repeat visitors, monthly pageviews, daily pageviews, newsletter subscriber counts, rss feed subscribers and social media followers the website gets.

This free resource gives you a bunch of data in one place, although some of it is inaccurate. You’ll be able to find out some basic Alexa rankings, keyword phrases the website is targeting, other websites targeting similar keyword phrases and websites with close relationships. If you’re researching smaller or newer websites, you might not get any results from this tool. The closely related websites report is flawed; in some cases it does find closely related sites, but in other cases the sites it shows are all unrelated.

This is a paid service that allows you to monitor a number of different website metrics, including the USA-based traffic to competing websites.

7. SEMRUSH.COM COMPETITIVE DATA offers another paid service that’s useful for researching the traffic levels to competing websites. You can also use this service for finding information about your competitors’ paid ad campaigns and other details. You can read more on how I use SEMRush for finding traffic data.

8. SIMILARWEB PRO makes multiple services available. They offer both a free version and a pro version. Their pro service allows you to monitor competitors’ website traffic statistics. You can also get data about apps using the site.

Quantcast offers you a multiple opportunities to discover a website’s traffic measures. If you are interested in finding out metrics for your own website, you can subscribe to their services to receive detailed insights.

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