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to clean normally laptop what screen use ? do

What Do You Normally Use To Clean Your Laptop Screen ?
Laptop screens tend to collect dust, food particles and other
debris that starts to look unattractive after awhile. It's
important to use very gentle supplies to clean your laptop
screen, since the LCD surface is easily damaged. Using a
microfiber cloth and a simple solution of water will do the

Sometimes you seem to be unsatisfied with water.

If you asked someone who knows a lot about cleaning
computers they'd tell that cleaning your computer or laptop
using methylated spirit or perfumes is one of the worst things
you can do. But that's all because they've probably never used
it in the first place. I always use methylated spirit to clean my
computer and never had any issues.

So what I do is wipe it off first with a clean cloth. Then I would
get my methylated spirit and soft cloth and wipe off the
screen and the keyboard.

So what do you use in cleaning your laptop screen and
I use d tip of my shirt

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