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to relationship words avoid

Words To Avoid In Your Relationship
Better response on post Words To Avoid In Your Relationship1. We need to talk! Chai! This is like a declaration of war. This nah hypertension. As a partner, you start to dey think of those things you have done. It is better to say something like 'Can we talk?'. 

2. Use of Names. No matter how angry you are, never call your partner a name he/she will never forget. Respect your partner. 

3. I need space. Unless you really mean it, don't ever use that to threaten your relationship. In fact, it does more harm than good. 

4. My Ex never....bla bla bla. Don't ever use this. How will you compare him/her with your ex? If your Ex was that good, why did you guys break up? Biko, move on and don't let your girl feel as if he/she is in a relationship with your ex. 

5. You used to be this or that bla bla bla. If it is true he/she has changed from the one you used to know, then check yourself. Ask him/her what happened and why they change. Relationship is all about communication. 
Nice 1 @Misola My Partner In Name
@sholasunshine, thanks. I see ya
Wow , love this

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