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to an approved 2days woyup adsense get google how account wapka

(woyup) Wapka: How To Get An Approved Google Adsense Account In 2days
Better response on post (woyup) Wapka: How To Get An Approved Google Adsense Account In 2daysGoogle Adsense Is The World Best And No. 1 Ad network For Monetize Your Wapka site/Blogger and Websites. Because Its CPC (Cost Per Click) rate is very high than other ad networks. Google Adsense offers highest CTR for every web/wap pages. These could webmasters make more money by using Adsense.
Today, This post will Unleash How To Get Approved Adsense Account In Less Than 2 Days, What You Should Do & You Shouldn't Do, Where to Place The Ads Unit (Adsense code) in Your Wapka Site.
Every web/wap master has dreams to Earn money from his web/ wap site by using google adsense, But many of webmasters fail to get Adsense approval. Getting Adsense approval is not an easy job, because of its strict rules & policy. Is it possible to get approved Adsense account? Yes it is Possible.

Now at this moment, am going to Share my own experience on how to get an approve adsense account!

Firstly, Get your website ready before applying Google Adsense

Basic Requirements To Get Adsense Approval for your Wapka/website.
What To Do For Adsense Approval
*. Top Level Domain
*. Responsive Designed Site with 20 relatively high posts/pages
*. Choose A Good Niche
*. Google webmaster tools
*. Good Quality Content
*. Sufficient Content Per Page

What You Shouldn't Do To If Getting Adsense Approval is Your Aim
*. Avoid Using Copyright content
*. Don’t use po r n/a d u l t content
*. Don’t use i l le gal Content/material in your site
*.Don’t Use H a c k,C r a ck Words In your Site

Top level Domain:- Top Level Plays a major role While getting adsense approval .so use top level domain like .com,.net/.ng/.us/ etc. Adsense accounts are two types they are hosted account and another one non hosted account. we can get easily hosted account by using Youtube and blogger, but this account is used only for hosted accounts, you can't use this account to monetize your website/wapsites. If you Add hosted account script in your website, it'll show empty space! Without fully approved Adsense account we could not monetize our websites.

Note: After getting approved Adsense account, don’t post your ads in Second level domains like Genfiles.Wapka.Mobi or, because here it also shows empty space, so use top level domain. The domain age shoud be 6 months+. In some cases Domain age not considered. I have got approved using 3 months old domain! But what rocks my boat may sink yours!

Responsive Design site/template:- Responsive design also plays an important role while getting Adsense approval, use user friendly designed site, and your site should have nice navigation.

If you are using blogger/ WordPress platforms use user friendly and search engine friendly template/theme.

Choose A Good Niche: Some of you do not know what "Niche" means, well I'll let you know what a niche is and why its important!
A Niche is simply defined as the type of category you choose to create contents for your site, it could be Health, Entertainment, News, Tech, Tutorials etc. For instance, is a Forum/Downloads and the Niche is General, but I'll advice you, when applying for google adsense for your wapka site, choose a specific Niche and write contents based on your Niche.

Quality Content: Quality content also plays a major role. Your site content should be clean and quality efficient. Don’t copy from another website. Use your own content, don’t post images from other sites in your post and do not post more images without sufficient text you may failed to get Adsense approval. Some sites got approved without a single image!!
Sufficient Content :- The Content on the website/posts should be sufficient, use minimum 500 to 600 words per page/post. Without sufficient content your site may be rejected, so use sufficient content on your pages/ posts or Articles .

Submit Your Site To Google Webmaster tools:- After completion for Designing your site ,submit it to search engines like Google webmaster tools. and also submit your websites sitemap .verify your site with Google webmaster tools. And also use Google Analytics code in your site.

What Else to Do To Get Quick Google Adsense Approval
The Below tips aren't given much priority by applicants, but there are very important if quick approval is your objective.
*. Have A Good Pc view (Desktop Version) of Your Site.
*. Provide a Clear Site Navigation To Users.
*. Google Site Analytics For Your Site
*. Alexa Site Verification
*. Privacy Policy/Disclaimer Page.

Have a Good Pc View (Desktop Version Of Your Site
This is not really necessary though, but you'll have to get enough juice you know. If your website is responsive it'll give you a green light. As you know, Wapka, doesn't support PHP scripting, so there's no way you can display adsense ads for mobile content for users with Opera mini to see, so you'll have to create a desktop version of your site, not just pc view but nice and responsive one. You can inbox me or any Wapmaster on to get a cool Pc View. Then when you're done, you can now move to the next step.

Provide A Clear Navigation:
Provide a Clear Navigation System for your Users, make pages in your site user friendly by improving the UI (user interface) design of your site, make your pages load faster, do not over design your site, I've seen sites with heavy and powerful designs get disapproved because they fail to point out the simplest of things, so keep your site design simple and clean.

Google Site Analytics:
It shows details about your site to other site, visits, pageviews etc. So get a google analytics for your website to help google analyse your website.

Alexa Site Verification: Alexa Analytics is very recommended for your wapsite to get easy approval.
One ethics said that your site must rank 400,000 to get approved. But from my research, google approve site more than that!

Privacy Policy/Disclaimer Page:
Although some people say that google approved them without having a Privacy Policy Page well, maybe their sites are just very perfect for adsense, but I tell you a good privacy policy page and contact page will improve your chances for having a fully approved adsense account an e.g of a privacy policy page: Privacy Policy. also having a contact page is very important.

Do Not Use The Below Words:- Do not use illegal keywords in your posts like
*. H a c k ing
*. C r a c king
*. Fish ing
*.Tore nts
*. P or n site,Ad ul t Content
*. A lco h ol
*. d r ugs
*. Cop y right content like mp3 songs,movies or other Fis hi ng And Other I l l e g a l Content/keywords.
It is Very Sure ,Your Site Could Not Get Approval If you use Above Mentioned Content.

How Do I Add Adsense Ads Unit In My Wapka?
Dont Worry I will Explain How To serve Adsense Ads On Your Wap site. It Is Very Simple. Just ride with me on this simple steps:
Step 1: Login To Your Adsense Account Click On pMy Ads top of the page. Click On New Ad Unit post - Here fill Name. Enter what ever your want like top-ad or slide-ad. Don’t Use Space Between The Letters. Ad size: Choose Any One Which Size You Want. Mostly we recommend use recommended sizes only.
Now Click On Save And Get Code and get the code in the other page, then copy it. Here select synchronous mode for better page load time.

How To Post Adsense Ads On Wapka Site
Step 2: Now Log in To Your Wapka Site. Then go to pages you want to paste the adsense code.
Note: Don't Paste adsense code on Top or Bottom Auto-Content - auto generate pages. Paste in pages with rich content, not duplicate content...don't paste in pages with little or no content.
Select xhtml /wml. Then paste your Adsense ad script here. which is copied in 1st Step.
Now You've Successfully implemented Adsense 1st ads on your Wapka Wapsite. Now wait for your approval, enjoy make more and more. That Is It about How To Add Adsense Ads On Wapka Site. If you have any doubts and suggestions please post your comments below. Gooodluuuck!

It's important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the users, You must provide unique, genuine and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first. Your site should also provide a good and clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they're seeking.
Then once you've followed all my steps resubmit your application and wait for approval mail, if they say insufficient content don't bother, add 10 more lengthy contents and re-apply. When you finally get approved with your wapka site drop your testimonies here and how you got approved.

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