Last Updated: 07-09-2017, 01:52 PM
Name: Focus Premium MyBB Theme, the Responsive Version is out, See Demo!
Category: Scripts
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Submitted by: Pedro
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Hi guys, it's Pedro again! 

Last time, I shared a wonderful MyBB theme titled Focus - Premium MyBB Theme, Desktop View Shared for Free.. (Latest). This was shared for free (you can click on the link to download). 

As expected, our effort was greatly appreciated as lots of forums opted for it, among which are version) and . Unfortunately, this free version, though great and awesome, wasn't responsive. 

For this reason, I have decided to share the RESPONSIVE VERSION  (NOT FREE, SORRY! )

To view the demo, you can switch to the DESKTOP VERSION of this forum before I switch back to my default DESKTOP VERSION. 

To download this theme, you need 6000 Forum Credits. If you don't have, feel free to contact me to purchase. Please note that this is for the theme alone, and not installation. Installation will cost you extra. Installation as well doesn't cover installation of plugins. That as well will cost you extra. 


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