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Name: Hot WordPress Carrington Theme with Grid Feature, Shared!
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Trust me, this one of its kind! I got inspired by a design and decided that it was time for Carrington mobile to have a grid and beautiful design, hence, decided to do this for Carrington. 

Of course, this was done hurriedly as I have other things to do with my precious time. So, wherever you think I stopped, you should continue from there. But I am sure I have done almost everything. 


Install it normally. To modify, you don't need to edit any template as everything has been done. 

However, I suggest you change your  uncategorized category name to Featured Post . There, you should post your featured posts which will appear on the header. You can use it for adverts. 

You can use any category and even create a new one for the Featured Post. However, if you do, go to header default.php and change the featured Category ID from 1 to the number of your own ID. 



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